Friday, January 14, 2011

MY FAVE Five ~ Simple Things

Have you ever come to the place where you wonder?
What do I write about?
This week it feels good to reflect on
short, sweet and simple things.

I finished my knitting project!
I love the feel of wool wrapping through my fingers.
I also completed several Shutterfly projects!

Oh, I love the snow...and wished it would stay cold!!!
A chance to model a gift for a very special person.

I still feel like I didn't get a Snow Day out of this dump....
The snow lasted so short....
Teachers were all at home...but what about others?
I started shoveling early in the morning....
Thanks to the wonderful neighbors who helped remove the snow.
Right now we're shovelling in the rain....
I think it's time to bring out my canoe.

The smell of freshly baked herb scones.

My daughter arrived safely back in Haiti...
as she begins another term.

Thanks Susanne for letting us share news,
whether it be big or small.

Have a wonderful week.



  1. Snow, knitting, and scones- looks like a great week! I love your new hat and scarf.

  2. Glad you got your scarf set done...looks good on you. Remembering your daughter as she helps bring hope to a very hurting area in our world.

  3. From not having too much to say, you wrote the perfect blog - you engaged, you chatted, you made us feel a little could we not, with the cosy knits, the yummy scone and the pretty (somewhere else) snow. Of course, we got the same snow, and while others could stay abed (not mentioning any names but TGD comes to mind!)some of us had planned a volunteer orientation and had to get to town.
    Great Fave Fives!

  4. Beautiful toque and scarf! The receipient will love it.

    I think we all go through the cycles of creativity which includes writing and photography. Perhaps the dark days of winter slow us down.

    I'm glad you have have some snow :)

  5. I love snow, too, but we don't get anything like you.

    Your knitting has yielded beauty. I love the colors.

    Thanks for sharing that your daughter arrived safely.

  6. Beautful hat and scarf! I imagine the prayers knit into them for your dear friend.

  7. What beautiful knitting and so true about the wool sifting through our fingers - it is truly a delight and soothing to the soul.

  8. The knitting project is quite a success. Beautiful colors.
    That snow really did disappear fast. Oh my mouth is watering for one of those scones! Blessings Marg!

  9. So that is the touque and scarf you knit. How lovely - I know your SIL will love them. Glad to hear your daughter arrived back safely. Our prayers are with her there in that ravaged country.
    I didn't get enough snow either. I'd rather have it than all this rain.

  10. What a cute hat and scarf and I love those colors..beautiful knitting project!
    Remembering your daughter..

  11. Love the scarf set. Prayers for your daughter, too.

    Have a great week!

  12. A lovely knitting project Marg! I'm starting one too - a beginner's scarf which I'll post about soon. I know how to knit but I've never actually knitted anything to wear. I'm looking forward to it. Keeps me from snacking in the evening if nothing else :)

    I'll be thinking of your girl in Haiti - mine is in Guatemala right now for a short-term mission with our church.

    The herb scones look yummy- I'll have to check for the on MGCC,

    Many blessings!

  13. Snow was on everyone's mind this week and on all the shovels as well.

    I love your new hat and scarf set, knitting is something I haven't done in a long time.

    Scones - um they look good, herb ones did I miss the recipe:

  14. The wool must keep your fingers nice and warm while you work. It was 84 today here in Southern California. Actually its been unusually cold this year, but today the sun fell on my shoulders like a warm blanket.

    Did you make Shutterfly books? I've never tried it...but I want to. However, I just finished making a calendar with family memories (pics) for my mother's 80th birthday.

  15. I agree, the snow didn't last long enough..especially when we had to 'waste' the snow day in Vancouver !
    Your knitting is beautiful!
    I love it - and I love your

  16. What a gorgeous hat and scarf set! I love the colours. Not enough snow for me either, I hope we get a bit more winter weather. There's nothing like a cold snowy day with hot homemade soup and maybe some of those herb scones.....mmmmm....


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