Tuesday, January 11, 2011


it always seems to be a time to clean up, organize,
and say good bye to things that we no longer need.
But some things are difficult to part with...

It was just a year ago...when we were welcoming the whole world
to share the Vancouver Winter Olympics.
What a highlight for me!

No one knows how many times my chauffeur has driven past this clock...
It's inevitable that every we time went to Vancouver...
I'd say, "Let's go around the corner....
and look at the countdown...."

A few months later....
the countdown was at 000 right across the board.
Were the Olympics really over?

This past week, I asked once more,
that we drive around that same corner,
the corner of Georgia and Howe....
and the clock had been dismantled.
My heart sunk...
The evidence of the Olympics, seems to be gone,
but remains in my heart forever.

Then, today I finally decided to clean up the Christmas tree.
Yes, it's way over due...I don't like parting with my tree.
but that's just me...I love this time of year.
There it is...plunked outside my patio,
the tip, where the angel hung, lying beside the tree.
My family rooms looks so barren....

So I quickly took the artificial trees from my front entrance,
and replaced them where the Christmas tree once stood.
Ah, yes...it feels like the warmth of winter for now.

Many mornings over the past weeks, I'd come downstairs,
to find her nestled close to the fire place,
with her iPhone or netbook,
and her coffee, peppernuts, and fruit.

Someone is busy packing...
The rooms that had all her stuff are bare again.
She's got it all packed up...
She's going back...
And I have to say Goodbye again!
It's hard to part with those you love.

"Always remember to forget the things
that make you sad,
but never forget to remember the things,
that made you glad."
Elbert Hubbard


  1. I'm so glad that someone else is just getting their tree down! I also know the feeling of Olympics gone away. It was so much fun here in 2002! I doubt we will ever get them again. I'm glad you had so much time with your daughter, too. I would be interested in knowing how you are doing your photo albums. Any tips? Are you printing them, too?

  2. I really enjoyed your post today. I know how much you have enjoyed having your daughter home....and you will hold those memories close for a long time. All the best to her as she again sets out for yet another adventure in her life.

  3. It's such a bittersweet time of year - remembering the happiness of the past few weeks and then steeling ourselves for the inevitable goodbyes. We're lucky that our children are drawn home to 'nestle' by the fire, even for just a few days or weeks. Physical evidence may be gone - like the clock and the Christmas tree - but the best sort of evidence, the memories, remain vibrant in our hearts.
    Stay warm - I think we're sending a storm your way!

  4. Oh Marg, I know exactly that heavy ache that goes with a daughter vacating the nest again. It doesn't matter how much you agree with where her path is going, it still makes for a sense of loss for a time. My mom still tears up when I leave after a visit...
    You were quite clever to fill in the tree space with cheerful lighted trees. I manage the post Christmas "bland and bare" by adding pots of flowering plants in white and yellows and put bowls of lemons out too. Yellow, white and light greens frethmerreshness my visual space after the reds and dark greens of Christmas.
    I've read that Sweden has a traditional song for the designated tree removal day, the day after 12th day I think. The families gather around the tree and sing as they carry the tree out. Somehow a closure ceremony/celebrations helps in transition I think.
    SLC still has all kinds of Olympic monuments everywhere. We could host another one at the drop of a hat!

  5. Oh Marg. ..I hear your heart here. I know that you have made some wonderful memories over the last few weeks. All the best to you dear girl as she heads back again. Our prayers go with her.

  6. That's why I've been mostly MIA in the blogworld this past week. Putting away Christmas, adjusting to the partings...

  7. There is no good in goodbyes to dughters, sons or grands going far away...the only good is to think of going there yourself or of the joy when they return. I know you have so appreciated the time you've had your dear daughter home and now you entrust her to our heavenly Father's care once more ... I pray she stays safe and healthy and may be used to be a blessing. Hugs...

  8. daughters... sorry about the typo...

  9. I totally agree that partings are hard. My granny used to stand on her porch and cry as we drove away .... I understand her now.

    I also really miss the Olympics. I so enjoy watching the games - it's crazy because I am totally non-athletic. But it's wonderful that you have the special memories of being right there for the 2010 games.

  10. Oh yes the comings and the goings are interesting times in our lives in this season of our lives. I love your post and how you express these partings...

  11. Marg, my heart aches for you. Partings from a daughter are always hard. I miss mine...What must my grandmother have felt, with 2 daughters and 2 sons left Europe, and she never saw them again. Now we have phones, and skype and email ...Dairymary

  12. It sure is hard saying goodbye to one's kids when they have to leave again!

    Has it really been a year since the Olympics? Where has the year gone?

  13. It is hard to let those you love leave, but isn't it fabulous when they come home once again.

  14. I miss my tree too! Your "replacements" are beautiful. You NEED a cozy home with all that snow. I loved all the pictures.


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