Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creative Story Telling

What's all the excitement about?
Something's happening this week.
That's why I'm featuring one special person.
I wonder why?
She knows why.
She informed me last week,
that we need to celebrate every day....

It always amazes me how some people know
how to stimulate and inspire their students,
and help them to articulate there creative writing skills.
An article has been posted in our local paper about
there newly developed curriculum.
Giving Life to Story Telling.
Take a minute to read the local article.
It's a creative way to share a story online.
They are teaching the students to
post comments after each story on the living library
website as part of the reflection process.
Do you recognize any of our local celebrities?
Let's see who are the famous story tellers.
Living Library Website.
Congratulations to both of you for your innovative work.

Stay posted!


  1. 'Out of the box'..I love it! What a creative learning tool. I read the article and will read the stories. I noticed one that I will be reading first:)
    Thanks for sharing that Marg!

  2. I see your John on the list. This is a wonderful idea! Funny....when I first saw your post picture I wondered what you were up to. I read to our grandson who lives far away over ichat. Technology has opened window we never dreamed about when we were growing up. I remember your daughter spurring you and I on one day when we were sitting at your computer....I can see she is passionate in her teaching.

  3. I love it, Marg!

    One of my 'mentors' Dan Allender, has written a great book called, "To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future" that teaches people how to use all of their story, the good, the bad, and the ugly and become co-author with The Author. I keep meaning to get a group of adults together to work through that.

    What a wonderful way to teach children the value of their stories.

  4. What a wonderful idea - makes me wish I was still the teacher-librarian at our local school so I could implement it here.

    And congratulations to John for being first on the list!

  5. Great program and thumbs up to John for telling his story.
    Have you read about Toronto Public Library checking real people out? John would be exactly the sort of person they would want to bar code and check out for face to face interaction.

  6. How wonderful to see your daughter being so creative! Love it.

  7. What a great idea! I'm sure it will help on many different levels. I may have to copy the idea.

  8. This is a wonderful way to inspire students. Some people just know their job and how to do it.

  9. I saw the story teller list. Oh Marg. .you should be so proud. I love that your family thinks outside the box and is willing to share stories and for the teacher in your life to be such a inspiration to her students.

  10. I love inspired and inspirational teachers. They are one of the greatest blessings to our young people. This is wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing your girl with us.

  11. I see like mother-like daughter! What a wonderful idea! I loved the article and using modern technology to bring back something old and ageless- the art of story telling!


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