Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Needs Another Cookbook?

Many of you run to the MGCC blog...
push the 'friendly print button,'
and nicely place your recipe in a bookstand and begin to cook.

Well, the new generation says...
"That's too much bother. Look, Mom, you need an iPhone..."

I'm standing there, watching her maneuver those big oven mittens,
while using her iPhone, looking for the MGCC tutorial on gravy making.

And she succeeded...Thanks to MGCC!
You'll always find something cooking in her kitchen.
I wonder what that 'Menno generation' will call the next cook book?

Obviously, she's a happy girl...
Last week we thought we saw the end of her car...
As you know, a Civic is like a never dies.
Her father did some quick research, found a new used motor,
threw it back into the car...and she hasn't called since.
She's happy, we're happy and so is her Dog!
You see, she borrowed my car, while her car was on medical leave.
And she was courteous enough, to understand...
that dogs do not ride in her Mother's car!

Happy Birthday Suzanne!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creative Story Telling

What's all the excitement about?
Something's happening this week.
That's why I'm featuring one special person.
I wonder why?
She knows why.
She informed me last week,
that we need to celebrate every day....

It always amazes me how some people know
how to stimulate and inspire their students,
and help them to articulate there creative writing skills.
An article has been posted in our local paper about
there newly developed curriculum.
Giving Life to Story Telling.
Take a minute to read the local article.
It's a creative way to share a story online.
They are teaching the students to
post comments after each story on the living library
website as part of the reflection process.
Do you recognize any of our local celebrities?
Let's see who are the famous story tellers.
Living Library Website.
Congratulations to both of you for your innovative work.

Stay posted!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's FAVE Five ~ LIFE!

Friday's FAVE Five

Let's take a quick review....
Thanks Suzanne, our gracious host at,
Living to Tell the Story.
It's always fun to come her and share our highlights

Mennonite Girls are going Global?
Check it's true.
You can see it alive at What Matters Most.
We are all pinching ourselves with glee.

Doesn't she look like a typical Mennonite girl?
I'm glad that there is a future generation holding on....
I'm sure she can cook too.
Congratulations to my niece, Raquel,
as she took the leading role of Tzeitel,
from the muscial, Fiddler on the Roof.
What an outstanding performance by Abbotsford Traditional School!

A big thank-you to my special guests,
from Sunrise Farms...
It's a one-of-a-kind cookie jar...
Let's check...
Can you find this available on line at Martha Stewart's?

On the dark side....
Lights were flashing at my driveway...
getting my attention...
I was peering out the window...Fire trucks? Ambulance?
Who's hauling away the old Civic....?
Or will they revive it?

This week was a challenging week, as one tries
to gain perspective of life and it's realities.
Funerals always cause one to reflect...
A dear elderly friend went to his final destination... quickly.
Enjoy your time and appreciate the ones you love.

See you next week.

Friday, January 14, 2011

MY FAVE Five ~ Simple Things

Have you ever come to the place where you wonder?
What do I write about?
This week it feels good to reflect on
short, sweet and simple things.

I finished my knitting project!
I love the feel of wool wrapping through my fingers.
I also completed several Shutterfly projects!

Oh, I love the snow...and wished it would stay cold!!!
A chance to model a gift for a very special person.

I still feel like I didn't get a Snow Day out of this dump....
The snow lasted so short....
Teachers were all at home...but what about others?
I started shoveling early in the morning....
Thanks to the wonderful neighbors who helped remove the snow.
Right now we're shovelling in the rain....
I think it's time to bring out my canoe.

The smell of freshly baked herb scones.

My daughter arrived safely back in Haiti...
as she begins another term.

Thanks Susanne for letting us share news,
whether it be big or small.

Have a wonderful week.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


it always seems to be a time to clean up, organize,
and say good bye to things that we no longer need.
But some things are difficult to part with...

It was just a year ago...when we were welcoming the whole world
to share the Vancouver Winter Olympics.
What a highlight for me!

No one knows how many times my chauffeur has driven past this clock...
It's inevitable that every we time went to Vancouver...
I'd say, "Let's go around the corner....
and look at the countdown...."

A few months later....
the countdown was at 000 right across the board.
Were the Olympics really over?

This past week, I asked once more,
that we drive around that same corner,
the corner of Georgia and Howe....
and the clock had been dismantled.
My heart sunk...
The evidence of the Olympics, seems to be gone,
but remains in my heart forever.

Then, today I finally decided to clean up the Christmas tree.
Yes, it's way over due...I don't like parting with my tree.
but that's just me...I love this time of year.
There it is...plunked outside my patio,
the tip, where the angel hung, lying beside the tree.
My family rooms looks so barren....

So I quickly took the artificial trees from my front entrance,
and replaced them where the Christmas tree once stood.
Ah, feels like the warmth of winter for now.

Many mornings over the past weeks, I'd come downstairs,
to find her nestled close to the fire place,
with her iPhone or netbook,
and her coffee, peppernuts, and fruit.

Someone is busy packing...
The rooms that had all her stuff are bare again.
She's got it all packed up...
She's going back...
And I have to say Goodbye again!
It's hard to part with those you love.

"Always remember to forget the things
that make you sad,
but never forget to remember the things,
that made you glad."
Elbert Hubbard

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Weekend We Forgot!

I thought I was stepping in the right direction.
I walked four blocks in those stilettos...
I came to the Orpheum...
(Vancouver's concert hall)
the doors were locked....
Have they changed the dates?
There were a few others checking things out.
The Salute to Vienna has always been hosted on January 1.
We pulled out our tickets.
We smiled, as we saw the tickets posted for
Sunday, January 2, 2011.

My feet were screaming at me...
now we had to walk all the way back...

I'm still learning the art to flex...flex what?
Oh yes, to be flexible, smile, reshuffle a few things,
and step right back into the program.

We did the two-step shuffle and
sure enough the doors opened on time the next day.
I managed to see the first half of this
New Year's Concert, 2011!

Over the can obviously tell that
stilettos were part of the decor in my home...

The Young Ones!

The old ones...but they are so comfortable.

And then there are always my runners...
They never scream at me and never let me down.

So no matter what your New Year looks like,
it's the bounce in your step that counts.

We'll always remember this New Year's 2011
by the weekend, we forgot.