Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's Travel Together!

It's the end and the beginning,
again....we step out, we step in...
we shed on...we shed off....
And so we go on...

This morning when I woke up, I was trying to stay focused on the positive things of 2010! As soon as I looked out my window and saw that mountain, I was reminded how many times I had climbed this peak and felt a thrill of adventure in conquering the challenges along the way.
I took a deep breath, alas, I started jotting down all the good things about this past year.
  • The Olympics played a huge role in my excitement over 2010. Lest we forget, that memorable goal by Sidney Crosby.... Right now I'm reliving and creating my Shutterfly album from my Olympic experiences and memories.
  • I love my work...both paid, and unpaid! Work is so freeing and therapeutic.
  • I'm grateful for employees who put their heart and energy into their work.
  • I love my group of friends who have been there for the past 40 years. We love to celebrate birthdays and tonight, we're off to celebrate New Years Eve together.
  • I love it when I get Skye, text or phone messages from Haiti.
  • I'm thankful for restored relationships.
  • It's been fun watching my daughter play her new home. She just phoned me and asked when the Portzelky were arriving. (New Year's Cookies)
  • I'm always encouraged by those who inspire me to try something wearing stilettos at my age.
  • Then there's my walking gives great enlightenment to shed off those extra pounds together.
  • I love it when the text comes through," Can you tape the Manchester game?" That means we get to watch soccer and mingle around some munchies together.

  • That brings me to another special group of friends...My Mennonite Girls Can Cook group, would of been totally embarrassed at my lack of culinary skills, while demonstrating at a local show in town. But they just keep smiling and embrace me for who I am.
  • Then there are those who have touched my life immensely over the past year....They have had to deal with health issues...Elsie, Mel, Mavis, Elvie, Helen, Julie, Char...and there are probably more, but I'm hoping and praying for each one of you in a special way. Life has not always handed us the deck of cards we wanted, but so much of that depends on how we play our hand. I'm praying that you too, can all hold on to your faith in God and allow him to journey with you. Remember you are being held in the palm of his hands.
  • I love this these little ones, sat quietly with their parents, embracing their new pillows, designed with Mickey Mouse fabric. They were hand made by the oldest grand, while he learned to sew with me this past winter. Tucked inside each pillow was an invitation to join us on a Disney cruise, together with 16 other family members. They were watching the Disney Cruise promo...when that little guy piped up and cheered, "Yea! No Parents?" We all smiled, knowing full well what he meant.
This year a dear friend of ours, erected an Inukshuk on our front yard. The Inukshuk is a welcome sight and was the logo of our 2010 Winter Olympics. It meant friendship and the welcoming of the world to the 2010 games.
And so again...I too, want to welcome your friendship in the coming year and let's continue to travel the path together.

Happy New Year to all of YOU!
Welcome 2011!


  1. Marg... I loved reading your heart in this post!

  2. What a wonderful post Marg. I'm thankful to have become one of your friends in 2010. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Marg you have much to be thankful for and much to look forward to. Moving forward with God at the front of the ship is fantastic.

    OH ..and disney cruise. . we`ll tuck that one away for future years.

  4. Happy New Year, Marg. Thanks for reminding me to think of the blessings of this year...even though there may have been challenges to get to the top of it!

  5. A wonderful post Marg, it warmed my heart. Yea for bonding friendships!

  6. Wishing you all God's best for the year ahead! Beautiful, thankful post!

  7. I'm in for another year of friendship and adventure sharing via blogdom. May this year be full of joy!

  8. Sounds like a fantastic year! Loved this post! :)

  9. Wonderful retrospective of your year Marg! I hope 2011 brings many more good times, good health and new blessings to you and your family!

  10. I love YOU in this post... such a special list, Marg from your heart!

    Since I will be facing a 'knife' shortly, I took a close look at that knife in your hand and I think I might just keep my distance... no personal offence intended! smile...

  11. A wonderful list of gratitude, Marg.
    Wishing you His JOY ~ Hope and Peace that only He can give ♥
    *blessings always*

  12. Our lives seem to run parallel in so many ways and I'm inspired by your outlook.
    A Disney cruise! What a lot of fun you'll have - someday we may try that. Imagine a holiday with 15 people you love!

  13. Your post warmed me through and through. Thank you for always choosing to find the best in life. You inspire me.

  14. You summarized your year so well Marg - It's good you've taken the time to do this. I can see how God has walked alongside you as you made your year's "climb" What an exhilarating feeling to stand on the peak and see the path you've taken. Happy new Year Marg and may God continue to use you to bless your friends and family.

  15. Hi Marg ~ I just wanted to reconnect with you at the start of this new year. One of my goals for 2011 is to wear stilettos also! Loved your reflections of the past year ~ reflecting is always a healthy exercise for our souls ! Happy New Year !

  16. Great to look back at all there is to be thankful for! Lovely family picture you posted, Marg. Have a FUN cruise altogether. Dairymary


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