Thursday, December 16, 2010


Are any of you dashing around
trying to put the pieces together?

I'm feeling somewhat like this Santa Claus.
He's totally fragmented.

This week we've been busy listening to the news events
in Haiti, wondering when she could find a flight out of the country.
The election results have brought the country to a chaotic halt.
The Airport closed down.
Canadian Embassy closed down.
Through a quick challenging ordeal,
she was en-routed for Toronto...
and is safe.

One friend left me with comforting words,
"There may not be anymore Canadians in Haiti to count on for help...
but God hasn't recalled His 'troops'
The angels are there to protect and guide her through
any danger and bring her home safe to us."

We are picking her up from YVR right now.

Then I get a phone call...
Mom, where are you?
Why aren't you at the hospital?
My second daughter somehow seemed to take an unexpected spill
and needed some first aid.
I let her know quite quickly that I did not work 24/7.

While at work today, I noticed many of the women
feeling the frantic Christmas rush....
Finally I looked at them and said,
"Get over it...we have to do this till we die."
Yes, ladies there's no choice about getting frazzled at Christmas.

I've got one hand on the phone,
the other stirring the dough,
quickly answering the door for a surprise visit,
another arm is ironing,
the other wrapping gifts,
then it's checking the grocery list,
then it's making fresh linens,
my feet are pushing the vacuum around,
while almost tripping on the cord,
because I still had my ear on the phone.
How many things can we do at one time?

We put so many expectations on ourselves.
I do it too...
Each year I'm going to change the system.
Somehow the system changes me.

But as you all know,
by Christmas we'll all be assembled under the tree!


  1. I guess this time of year leaves us all a bit overwhelmed and busy. (I love the many arms you had working!) I'm glad that your daughter is safe. What a scary experience for you all. Yes, there are angels watching over us. Have a great last few days of holiday rushing. At least we can slow down and enjoy the holiday after Christmas!

  2. Hi Marg...
    I'm up soooo late tonight with a tummy bug... so I'm visiting my friends from around the world.

    Oh dear, Marg!
    I really am so glad your daughter is safe!
    What a mess Haiti is ~ we can only pray. It needs God's help indeed.
    Your photo of deflating Santa is perfect for your post.
    Women really do so many jobs and wear so many hats.
    Sometimes when my list of to do's gets overwhelming, I remember what the doctors said as I was in labor and delivery years ago ~ when I didn't think I could get through it all...
    "One contraction at a time, Maria One contraction at a time..."

    This labor we do now, let it lead us to a rebirth of our Savior in our hearts ~
    Wishing you peace, calm and joy ♥
    Take that slow, quiet, deep breath that replenishes.
    Bless you always, Marg ~ you are a wonderful mother and daughter of God.
    Merry Christmas ~ Maria

  3. oh marg...I am smiling. i feel like we are living in the same home. I have a new idea....a vacuum you can wear on the bottom of your shoes as you buzz around the house. Multi tasking made easier! Kathy

  4. Our lists all look a little different...but I think we are all working through them frantically. And soon 'all will be calm and bright' as we gather around the tree.

    Have a fabulous day...bringing your daughter that safe place once again!

  5. Love love love this post Marg. Ha! We'll have to do this till we die.
    I'll add stop the whining and enjoy the frazzles! Blessings. So glad M. is safe and sound in "Oh Canada"!

  6. So glad your daughter is OK and home. Haiti is such a heart breaking situation but Christmas is complete at your house with that fact, eh?

    When my parents were having their 50th wedding anniversary they invited us to join them on a Mexican coastline cruise. I got to pick the date (when the teens were out of school); it was over Christmas.

    After ducking out of all the Christmas hub-bub that year, I have been able to skip a lot more of the holiday "must do" items without any problems. Some years I deck the halls like crazy and "do it all", other years it is a check to charity and a bit of decorating and enough baking to make me happy.

    The year we were in a downtown apartment was especially nice: we just enjoyed all the city decorations and events.

  7. What you write is Oh so True! You in particular seem to be pulled in so many directions at once this year with so many who need "mom", "sister", "wife" and "friend" at their side. May God grant you joy and enough energy to be everywhere at once.
    So glad Mikki is home safe - I'm sure we'll all be hearing echoes of the rejoicing going on at your house.

  8. I'm celebrating with you right now. . I know that in your heart you are ready. .and that's all that matters.


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