Thursday, December 16, 2010


It's Friday
Do we call it Frantic Friday?
Anyways, we're back to join our friend,
Susanne at Living to tell a Story,
Thanks for letting me share my highlights.

Last night we lit the third candle...JOY!
we waited till she was home.
This was a wonderful time sitting around the table,
feeling the generous warmth of family celebrating her home-coming.
Yes, you can imagine the JOY we all experienced.

This past week, we attended the live concert of
"André Rieu"
(born October 1, 1949 in Maastricht, Netherlands)
who is a Dutch violinist and conductor.
He is famous for creating an international revival in waltz music
and for his many top selling recordings with his "Johann Strauss Orchestra.
People were waltzing up and down the aisles...
At the end of the concert,
we were whisked away with thousands of balloons
floating down from the rafters. would be so much fun to learn to waltz.

It's time to find the perfect Christmas tree.
Out to the farm we rolled...on a perfectly dry day.
Ah ha!! we found it. Looks like someone found their tree.

It's always an enjoyment to take the time to decorate
the tree, especially this year.
She was coming home....

To me there's nothing more beautiful than taking time
to watch the glow of candles,
and reflecting on some quiet moments,
while listening to some beautiful Christmas Carols.

You know, sometimes we run around frantically
or we feel totally fragmented at this time of year.
There's only one week to go...and lots to do.
Maybe we won't have a picture perfect Christmas....
but so much depends on our attitude.
We need to continue maintaining an attitude of thankfulness and joy,
even for the areas that fail to satisfy us,
as we continue to practice faith in God's goodness.

This will allow us to live our dreams
and continue to move forward with JOY!


  1. Your candle photo is warming, Joy yes this advent.

    Picking a Christmas tree from the farm is fun and everyone looks like they are having a good time. You have about as much snow as we do. Wishing you the best at this time of year, Merry Christmas - God bless

  2. So glad your girl is home safe!! I can picture your joy :)

    The concert looked marvellous - I can imagine people waltzing in the aisles. My mom was ball-room dance teacher at community schools - but I never learned. I wish I had!

    Thanks for the reminder to keep our attitudes in check - mine slipped a little last night. Too tired and too busy. I"ll be remembering these thoughts of joy this week! Thanks Marg.

  3. Great post, Marg, and thanks for reminding us to focus our attitudes during this busy season on JOY!

  4. Wonderful Faves Marg. Yes it really is good to check our attitudes and stay flexible and joyful. Blessings!

  5. Thanks for the reminder to focus on thankfulness and joy this holiday season.

    Your candle picture reminded me that I can put out candles. I don't have room for a tree but I can still have the smell and look of Christmas.

    Walzting would be cool to learn. How fun you got to attend "André Rieu's" concert.

    Have a blessed Christmas.

  6. Yes, let us focus on Joy. Let us be joyful for families reunited and for beauty in the small things!

  7. It's looking mighty festive over here! And there is much to be 'joyful' about. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. We listened to Michael W. Smith sing "Oh the Happiest Christmas is a Home coming Christmas ..." and I'm thinking that song must have real meaning for you and yours this Christmas.

  9. This whole post just made me sigh. I could feel your joy coming through each fave.

    I have never gone and picked and cut a real, live tree for Christmas. Would love to do that sometime in my lifetime!

  10. Wonderful choices for fave five Friday. Family, a daughter home safely, a special concert and the traditions at this festive time of year. So much to Thank the Giver of Good Gifts for. This is in every way a joyous time for your family.


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