Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Secure Alarm Systems!

There always seems to be one more unfinished projects.
Finally, we got the front door painted.
Some of you offered your suggestion on colors.
Unfortunately I chose...Pancake Syrup.
I'm pleased with it and usually that's what counts.
At least that's what my husband thinks...
As long as the wife is happy.

Last week I was greeted by a new face.
I was expecting to see my walking partner...
she was there alright...but brought another guest.

"Oh...isn't Boston cute?"
I was trying to oooh and awe over him.

You probably all know how I feel about dogs...
somewhat fearful...
they have their place, outside,
but not in the house.

But now she forcefully made me walk alongside her dog,
for over an hour...
I'm not sure about the future.
I think I'll be looking for a new walking partner.
But she quickly announced that she was only babysitting. thoughts kept running back and forth,
thinking about my front door.
Somehow I felt it still needed an extra punch.
Garden shops did not offer me anything.

"Did she say Babysit?"
Suddenly the thought came to my mind.
A purebred Boston and his Master.
This little guy is hard to tame.
But the color sure matches well.

Finally he cooperated...posed for a minute.
Isn't it great to have friends sitting at your front door
guarding it while you are gone,
adding just the right touch?

That's the best Home Security System in town.


  1. Very pretty indeed! Just getting over the fear of dogs in more recent years. If you do have one, even a teensy-tiny one like my daughter has, they sure make great alarm systems!

  2. Your door looks great! I have the same fear/dislike of dogs, too. I don't like to be sniffed or licked!

  3. I was wondering where the story was going...and glad to see it had a happy ending. I was envisioning your newly painted door with claw marks down the center. It looks like you have left the fort in good hands!

  4. Your door looks great Marg. I'm with you and your attitude about dogs!

  5. Whew...just babysitting the dog. My daughter feels like you do about dogs too.

    Hey, a large ceramic dog would be a great touch to the porch area! I think black planters would punch up the area nicely too and look great with any planting.

  6. Heh...will I recognize your place when I drive by? Love the colour you chose....for the door and your whole home. Kathy

  7. Yes. ..we all seem to find security systems that work ..and your little guest guarder seems to fit the bill perfectly. He seems friendly enough ..but I'll not come over right now ..just in case.

  8. Your door looks great! And the security system matches perfectly! :)

  9. I like the color of your door! I think the idea of ceramic dog on your front porch is a good one!

  10. Yes, a nice concrete dog at the side of the step might be just the thing!

  11. I will be raking leaves and having a great time as soon as we get some warm weather again. (It has been raining all day and snow is even predicted.) My spirit is all set to join yours for the fun time-including the hot cocoa break! Kindred spirits don't need to be in the same place!


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