Monday, November 1, 2010

Medical Leave

There are times in our lives that make me anxious.
Last week, I had to make my bi-annual appointment with my Doctor.
(biannual means every two years)
You know what that's like...
I get undressed as I told,...and of course,
my upper neck always gets red...
dreading every moment.
I wonder why?

Finally I asked him,
How many more times do I need to go through these procedures?
He said, only 6 more times....
He said, that by then, I'm way over the hill,
and will not need his services.
I wonder which hill he means?

Results were fantastic...
but he had a few concerns on my Vitamin intake.
He suggested that I increase my Vitamin D.

I went home immediately pumped.
I knew where I could get that extra supplement and made all the arrangements.
So I will be on a medical leave increasing my Vitamin D for a few weeks.
I recommend that to all of you.
You don't even need to go to the Doctor to hear that good news.

So there, I wave good bye to all of you.


  1. Congratulations on the clean bill of health! I hope your getting your supply of vitamin D somewhere pretty! (I'm assuming that's why you are soaking up some sun on a beach!)

  2. mikki bartelNovember 01, 2010

    Hey I'm on medical leave as well - Vitamin D deficiency must be genetic!

  3. Oh it does seem fitting to take a vitamin D medical leave today. .you are not missing any sunshine at home. . .
    Don't forget to turn over once in awhile.

  4. Hey...I have that same doctor and he never sends me away for vitamin D. I must check into this new therapy!

    Have fun soaking up the sun!

  5. Soak it up and be blessed!

  6. That is the best vitamin D to get! Just take it all in... boy over the hill does not sound too far when you count it in how many more paps.
    my wrod verification is dednes

  7. You really chose the perfect place to supplement your Vitamin D! I'm glad that was all you needed!

  8. awww....well enjoy your medical leave. Vitamin D is in low supply here!

  9. What was the name of that doctor? I need a prescription just like that. Hmmm wonder if medical insurance will cover the cost?? :)

    Have fun!


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