Friday, November 19, 2010

FAVE FIVE ~ Festivities!

It's FAVE Friday...once again.
Time has flown, I've been warming myself, in the Pacific Oceans.
And I'm back Home Again!

I came home to a loaf of fresh bread,
with a note inscribed,
"Welcome home Mom and Dad!"
What a wonderful welcome home.

This week I found a bargain at the hospital gift shop.
Five Bearington Bears at half price.
I've been collecting them for years.
Proudly standing around the fireplace keeping warm.
Just in time to enjoy the festive season.
I could not resist.

Clutter around my Island, once again...
What's happening?
I've been invited to present at a local food show.
Grand Pappy's!
How fun!
Preparing and actually promoting our Mennonite Girls Can Cook recipes.

My Mother taught me Pie by the Yard.
I took it to the food show, to show some authentic Menno cooking.
There's no leftovers.
Wait till you find that recipe in the New Mennonite Girls Cookbook,
coming out in May!

I love SNOW!
Winter is here, and my Inukshuk arrived in time to extend his welcome to
all those that drive on our yard.
No more crooked trees.
Tomorrow morning I will tiptoe down the steps and play,
"First Snowfall" , by M.W. Smith.

Stop by and visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Truth.
Thanks Susanne for sharing this opportunity with us.
It's the highlight of my week.


  1. Yummy looking bread and perishky! Those Bearington Bears really are adorable - always a great seller in our Tuck Shop!

  2. Your food pictures made me hungry, I can imagine there are no leftovers, it all looks SO good!
    I love the new teddy bears, are they Boyds Bears? They look a lot like them. I'm a teddy bear collector myself, but haven't purchased any new ones anymore, there was a time when it looked like they had taken over the whole house!

  3. Awww, those bears are sooo cute. Do rabbits and bears make good friends?

    Snow? Wow, so many people can getting their first snowfalls. It does look beautiful.

  4. LOVE the bears! Love them!

    And a welcome home to freshly baked bread? Nice!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Those bears are precious! I have never heard of Pie by the Yard. I cannot WAIT for this cookbook to come out.

    Have a great week!!

  6. Wow Marg. What a great fave 5. It's already a winter wonderland in the valley! Your bears are really cute and all that food looks great!

  7. And your Perishky did not even run out! I'm looking forward to hear about the cooking show!

  8. I forgot to mention that bread ... looks amazing! If my daughter would make it for me I'd be showing it off too!

  9. Marg, I can see why there would be nothing left of those perishky..they look delicious.
    Coming home to fresh bread..wonderful!
    The bears are cute hangin' around your fireplace:)

  10. Your food does look wonderful and I can't wait to get my hands on a MMCC cookbook! Those recipes are amazing!

    And snow. . . . brrr, we just got rain and I am pretty cold!

  11. What a nice gift to come home to. And that Perishky looks yummy! Fun that you were at a local food show.

    The bears are adorable all around your fire place.

  12. Pie by the yard - what a good idea! Welcome home - you certainly traveled from one extreme to another. We have snow here today and it's not melting!

  13. Ok Marg, I thought that last picture was sugar dusted chocolate cake and a stack of shortbread cookies...

    until I enlarged it :D

    Your book is going to be awesome! looking forward to it!
    Have a wonderful Sunday~


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