Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Down & Under!

It was way back...
when we just got married that I saw his mother
carrying two large stuffed bags down the roadway.
Never did I know that 37 years later,
I would still be thanking her for a gift of a life time.

At the crack of dawn...I hear the alarm,
I'm off to the gym
with my down jacket and hood,
and down mittens.'s cold out there.

I think the truck warmed up for 20 minutes.
(By the way, I can start it from inside.)
We are not used to this weather.

Finally when I arrived back home,
A welcoming face smiled and said,
"Are you warm enough?"
The memory of Briercrest, a Bible College near Moose Jaw,
lingers in his mind.
He commented that, way back then,
I always wore so many layers.
"What do you think?"
You can't survive the winter prairies without your downs.

Just before I sit down to a warm cup of coffee,
I slip into my fluffy down slippers.
Off to work I go...
donning my downs.

It doesn't take long....
And I'm deep down and under.
His Mom knew that I would appreciate those goose duvets.
That's it for today folks.


  1. It is cold outside!! Down is a great way to keep warm!

  2. This was a sweet story. Stay warm and cozy.

  3. You have the right idea...ward off the cold with down! I think you need to find longer pants cover that exposed skin. Stay warm!

  4. The cold weather is certainly making a big impact! We had all kinds of activities canceled yesterday due to the upcoming blizzard. Turns out it wasn't quite as bad as predicted-but it is still very cold! I love to snuggle under warm bedding, too! It is a good time for a book or a chat with friends!

  5. Yes... what is with the capris in this weather? I was snuggling under our "winter" cover longer than usual today ... thinking about how we used to have one cover all year round... and now we have three options.. has the weather changed? =)

  6. Cover those legs Marg when you head out in the cold:)
    The bedding looks comfy and cozy.

  7. There's nothing cosier! Stay warm!


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