Friday, November 26, 2010

Her Legacy Lives On!

It was just another normal Thursday, off to the gym, then I quickly stopped off to pick up a few groceries, as the roads were miserable and why wander back to town. I sat down at Starbucks in Safeway and had me a wonderful Americano....and I was just people watching, thinking...
"What would drive people to town this early in these snowy hazardous conditions?"

Then two elderly women caught my attention. I observed them from where I sat, as they were in the checkout counter and they looked so happy. They walked passed me and I said, "Looks like you are enjoying the snow and each others company." Well it didn't take long and they let me know that they were both sisters and had lived next door to each other for over 60 years.
I asked them what was the key to keeping their relationship? One promptly responded, and said, "Always mind your own business." That's quite simple. They were heading off to McDonalds to catch their free coffee.

Somehow our conversation continued....we introduced ourselves to each other, Velma and Ellen. I was not in any particular rush today, and so we just chatted it up and before we knew it, we started recognizing many familiar families in town.
Yes, they knew Eryn..and Collin...and there lovely family of three. These women were the great aunts of this young family. Yes, they remembered Mikki, which was Eryn's best friend in high school. What a small world.
We smiled, enjoyed each others company, and finally they shuffled along their way to McDonalds.

What prompted me to share this today? I think when I sat at Starbucks gazing, I realized that these two women reminded me of my own mother, and I was sort of trying to imagine her shopping for groceries for her family, and being and happy and content.

On Saturday, Nov. 27th, 2010 another milestone is marked. Ten years ago she slipped away from us, leaving us feel robbed, just a bit too early. But nevertheless her legacy lives on forever. She has taught me so much and I realize how much she sacrificed to be a mother and wife.
This past year, I've taken the time to read her familiar devotional book called, 'Be Still and Know,' by Millie Stamm. I love to feel it's pages and observe all the underlinings and highlighting and contemplate what she was thinking as she scribbled notes into the margins. I too, have started to add sticky notes to her pages. She and I have continued the journey together. Only mothers and daughters can truly understand this special bond.

This Monday, I'll be having a special luncheon with a long time friend whom I have not seen for over 35 years. What makes this luncheon special, is that her mother and my mother were close friends also and her mother will be hosting the luncheon while we have a reunion. I am feeling so honored and thankful for this opportunity to meet with other women of kindred spirits.

She's in her glory!

So Mom, I am meeting your special friend, and I will throw my arms around her and her daughter, both, feeling the warm presence that you so often gave to others.
May your legacy continue to live in my heart forever.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Down & Under!

It was way back...
when we just got married that I saw his mother
carrying two large stuffed bags down the roadway.
Never did I know that 37 years later,
I would still be thanking her for a gift of a life time.

At the crack of dawn...I hear the alarm,
I'm off to the gym
with my down jacket and hood,
and down mittens.'s cold out there.

I think the truck warmed up for 20 minutes.
(By the way, I can start it from inside.)
We are not used to this weather.

Finally when I arrived back home,
A welcoming face smiled and said,
"Are you warm enough?"
The memory of Briercrest, a Bible College near Moose Jaw,
lingers in his mind.
He commented that, way back then,
I always wore so many layers.
"What do you think?"
You can't survive the winter prairies without your downs.

Just before I sit down to a warm cup of coffee,
I slip into my fluffy down slippers.
Off to work I go...
donning my downs.

It doesn't take long....
And I'm deep down and under.
His Mom knew that I would appreciate those goose duvets.
That's it for today folks.

Friday, November 19, 2010

FAVE FIVE ~ Festivities!

It's FAVE Friday...once again.
Time has flown, I've been warming myself, in the Pacific Oceans.
And I'm back Home Again!

I came home to a loaf of fresh bread,
with a note inscribed,
"Welcome home Mom and Dad!"
What a wonderful welcome home.

This week I found a bargain at the hospital gift shop.
Five Bearington Bears at half price.
I've been collecting them for years.
Proudly standing around the fireplace keeping warm.
Just in time to enjoy the festive season.
I could not resist.

Clutter around my Island, once again...
What's happening?
I've been invited to present at a local food show.
Grand Pappy's!
How fun!
Preparing and actually promoting our Mennonite Girls Can Cook recipes.

My Mother taught me Pie by the Yard.
I took it to the food show, to show some authentic Menno cooking.
There's no leftovers.
Wait till you find that recipe in the New Mennonite Girls Cookbook,
coming out in May!

I love SNOW!
Winter is here, and my Inukshuk arrived in time to extend his welcome to
all those that drive on our yard.
No more crooked trees.
Tomorrow morning I will tiptoe down the steps and play,
"First Snowfall" , by M.W. Smith.

Stop by and visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Truth.
Thanks Susanne for sharing this opportunity with us.
It's the highlight of my week.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do Men Really Think?

It's a plane...No, it's a bird...No, it's a.....
From a distance....they saw something.
There interest soared as the car sped along the concrete.
Soon we were riding off main roads,
looking in the distance, to see what it is?

Within minutes, these guys were out on the run way.

You can imagine what this discussion looks like.
They had it all figured out quite quickly.
Double or Solo.
What would you choose?
Price is always right!
Today or Tomorrow.
And then it landed.
After a long discussion, they finally came slumping back to the car.
"Next time" they said...

"Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss."

It didn't take long as the car slowly edged through the agriculture fields
along the northern shores of Hawaii.
Suddenly it came to a halt, out of no where.
I peered through my window....sure enough....there's farm equipment.

Never mind, whether the roads were locked.
Nothing kept these boys out.

Regardless of signs,
these guys jumped over fences and locked gates.
But they accomplished there task.
The need to talk farming was high on their priority.

What's this contraption?
Please bear with me...
I had to stare at this for two weeks.
How do men really think?

I'm glad we're Home Again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

God's Beauty!

My days have been filled with ocean waves....
teaching me about life....
hearing God's voice....
reading books...
walking along the beach...

Enjoying evening sunsets....
thanking God daily for who he is...
Creator of everything.
He knows me....He hears' me....He loves me...

Dining and romancing under Tiki Torches...
sharing life with the one I love...

Soon it's back Home Again!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Secure Alarm Systems!

There always seems to be one more unfinished projects.
Finally, we got the front door painted.
Some of you offered your suggestion on colors.
Unfortunately I chose...Pancake Syrup.
I'm pleased with it and usually that's what counts.
At least that's what my husband thinks...
As long as the wife is happy.

Last week I was greeted by a new face.
I was expecting to see my walking partner...
she was there alright...but brought another guest.

"Oh...isn't Boston cute?"
I was trying to oooh and awe over him.

You probably all know how I feel about dogs...
somewhat fearful...
they have their place, outside,
but not in the house.

But now she forcefully made me walk alongside her dog,
for over an hour...
I'm not sure about the future.
I think I'll be looking for a new walking partner.
But she quickly announced that she was only babysitting. thoughts kept running back and forth,
thinking about my front door.
Somehow I felt it still needed an extra punch.
Garden shops did not offer me anything.

"Did she say Babysit?"
Suddenly the thought came to my mind.
A purebred Boston and his Master.
This little guy is hard to tame.
But the color sure matches well.

Finally he cooperated...posed for a minute.
Isn't it great to have friends sitting at your front door
guarding it while you are gone,
adding just the right touch?

That's the best Home Security System in town.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Medical Leave

There are times in our lives that make me anxious.
Last week, I had to make my bi-annual appointment with my Doctor.
(biannual means every two years)
You know what that's like...
I get undressed as I told,...and of course,
my upper neck always gets red...
dreading every moment.
I wonder why?

Finally I asked him,
How many more times do I need to go through these procedures?
He said, only 6 more times....
He said, that by then, I'm way over the hill,
and will not need his services.
I wonder which hill he means?

Results were fantastic...
but he had a few concerns on my Vitamin intake.
He suggested that I increase my Vitamin D.

I went home immediately pumped.
I knew where I could get that extra supplement and made all the arrangements.
So I will be on a medical leave increasing my Vitamin D for a few weeks.
I recommend that to all of you.
You don't even need to go to the Doctor to hear that good news.

So there, I wave good bye to all of you.