Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Valemont ~ Vancouver

What do Vancouver and Valemont have in common?
There's a saying out there....
Location! Location! Location!
I've realized when you are in love and anticipate marriage,
Location has no relevancy.
We've had the privilege of attending two family weddings
in the past week.
Two weddings, two diverse couples, and two diverse locations.
What is the common thread?

If you have drive through Valemont and blink your eyes, you've missed it.
Valemont is known for it outdoor recreational facilities.
Mountains of opportunities exist everywhere.
We could barely find a coffee shop.

Mount Robson...as it breaks through the clouds,
is the featured mountain that everyone talks about.

The foliage of this region was in bright golds and browns.

Mixed within the foliage...we spotted wild life.

The colored theme for this wedding reflected deep reds.

Reception was held at the TeTe Jaune Community Hall.
SUV'S and Trucks were the dominant mode of transportation.
Community Potluck dinner was served...
Who would barbecue for the group?
No one had been assigned.
The Schmidt brothers volunteered quickly.
Steak and chicken satisfied our appetites quite quickly.

Narrow long tables were covered in white cloths,
sprinkled with autumns tones and bouquets of natural foliage.


Meanwhile the next wedding took place downtown Vancouver...
Welcome to Vancouver, a city of sky scrapers reaching tall.
Didn't we all just witness the Winter Olympics?
Opportunities of business or high paced life styles?

Here, I noticed the deep red foliage...and streets lined with red cars.

The color theme for this wedding was a charcoal gray,
sprinkled with purple/lilac tones and white cala lilies.

You can figure out the mode of transportation quite quickly.

Reception was held at the Fairmont, Waterfront.

Tables were round and decorated with gray cloths,
and white accents giving a charming and delightful atmosphere.
Beautiful bouquets of hydrangeas, and roses gave a final touch.
By the way, this kitchen did not need to arrange for volunteers.

But what did these two weddings have in common?

A theme of love, respect, honor and commitment,
to a covenant based on God's enduring love,
witnessed by family and friends.


  1. It looks like two completely different, but fun weddings. The real fun is in the guests- if they come and bring along the atmosphere of celebrating! Looks like you helped both weddings.

  2. I love weddings and seeing how beautiful each can be with a reflection of each couple.
    Nice pictures Marg, and i love the quote on the church billboard.

  3. The two V's and the two weddings. I enjoyed your post and the contrasts Marg. Of course right now I'm enjoying checking out anything weddingish, to get ideas that might work for us :0)

  4. Beautiful photos Marg. What gorgeous settings for wedding. May their love remain strong and their committment steadfast.

  5. I love the way your contrasted the two weddings and showed how they were the same. What a lovely summary of two momentous occasions.

  6. I liked the first comment...about guests bringing a fun atmosphere to the celebration. I'm sure you did just that!

    Thanks for sharing....two beautiful weddings with us.

  7. Congratulations to your families Marg! My many nieces and nephews have had almost the same types of weddings and they were all beautiful. The sign said it all ..Love is what counts!


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