Monday, October 11, 2010

Itching to Tell You!!!

Mennonite Girls Can Have Fun!
A while back we hosted our first MGCC Summit, Sept. 2010.
We had planned this for months.
Many of us had not met each other, 
but nevertheless, we knew how to have fun.

Cooking and baking and eating were the key events.

 After all this is what brought all of us together.
 Over the past three years, we have been preparing recipes,
sharing our favorites with all of you, experimenting in our kitchens, 
and sampling our menus with family and friends.

We shared our stories of life as we cruised up the Harrison Lake.
How does  Rosedale Post Office make the headlines?

This little post office has memories for me from my last 35 years.
It is located in the heart of Rosedale, a farming based community of 2100 people.
I have used the services of this little post office for many years.
But never did I think that this would be a memory
that would last a life time.
It was Thursday, September 2, 2010 4:03 pm,
that 10 women crowded into this little country post office,
grinning from ear to ear in anticipation.
We were making history.
We all signed the dotted lines.....
And sent the document away.
Check out behind the scenes what we've really been up to.
We've all been itching to share this news with you.
 Did you know that Mennonite Girls Can Publish?
Meanwhile get the facts straight from the heart as you head over to our,
Mennonite Girls Can Cook Blog


  1. Love your recap and "tell"
    Exciting day. Did your turkey get defrosted? :0)

  2. Marg .. glad to see you made it home before dark to get that Rosedale Post office photo.
    Have fun today.

  3. I think we met at the post office on occasion over the years. How fitting to mail our important papers from Rosedale!

    Enjoy your turkey...and the stuffing!

  4. Marg what a lovely post - you've told the story so well. That post office is my destination every morning as I pick up my mail so I was thrilled when Lovella decided to mail our contract from there.

  5. Congrats to all of you! This is so exciting!

  6. I am so happy for all of you. This is fantastic news.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Oh WoW Marg!
    I'm thrilled for you!
    You are all such amazing cooks and fabulous ladies! Sending you a BIG Congratulations Yippee from Upstate New York!!!
    God bless you all and thank you for sharing your gifts of hospitality and cooking with us!
    Blessing always ~

  8. Congratulations Marg!! A terrific project accomplished by a group of talented women!

  9. I want one of your cookbooks! Please let me know when they are available for the public! Yeah!

    Looks like a fun group of ladies!

  10. Congratulations Marg! I read the news on Judy's blog this morning and I immediately went over to the publisher's web site and pre-ordered two copies! I am very happy for all of you and the good work that will be done with the profits from the cookbook.

    I will look forward to receiving it in June!

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. So exciting for you gals. Will definitely buy the book. Have tried so many recipes on the blog and they always turn out great. Shannon said, "I thought your cooking was tasting so much better lately!" Isn't she great??!!! :-)

    Gloria S.

  12. Congratulations to all you girls! That is so exciting and I'll be looking for that book!

  13. How exciting! It's so interesting what life brings our way, isn't it? I will be looking for the book as well.

  14. Loved your post, Marg.. and I love the fact that our contract was mailed from a 'retro' post office. The sweeter the memory!


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