Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

My daughter left a month ago and she also left me a pile of stuff.
So last week, I finally tackled that project,
tidying, sorting, washing, and packing her leftover clothes.
Bags for thrift store lay neatly packed in my garage..

Meanwhile I received a calling asking if I still had the Dinosaur suit?
"Oh my....where on earth could that be?"
Didn't she wear that costume to her farewell party?
I had not seen that during my cleanup...
Ah...ha....I remembered this one big plump full bag.

I ran out to the garage,
scrunched through this bag vigorously
And what did I find....
Just the perfect dinosaur suit for little Miss Dino.
It was just about on it's journey to the Thrift Store.
A quick phone call and a quick rescue.

Little Miss Dino wishes you all a Happy Halloween.
She's happy because she's been telling the world,
that she wanted to be a Dinosaur.

Sometimes it's good to delay some projects...

Happy Halloween!


  1. glad you rescued the suit before it found it's way to the thrift shop! So where did you find a grandgirlie? Very sweet!

  2. So cute! I'm glad it got rescued.

  3. i love that kid!! happy Halloween to her too!! xo

  4. That was a close call!
    I remember when a friend, just days before the movers arrived, was called away for a family emergency. She was very well-organized and had some things ready for the movers and some things ready for the Salvation Army. Her husband oversaw the move, and when my friend rejoined her family at their new home, after the family emergency, imagine her surprise to find all the things that were meant for the Salvation Army.
    Of course, her husband had taken care to send a full load off in the Salvation Army truck............

  5. Phew! :)

    A very cute little dinosaur!

  6. She looks so happy! What a cute dino outfit! Perfect timing on the phone call and rescue.

  7. how cute is that?!! Good find and just in time!

  8. So cute. Whew, glad you found it!


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