Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's FAVE Five ~ Thanksgiving

It's Friday's Fave Five!
Can you feel the autumn crispness?
The falling of the leaves?
The rustling?
The colors?

It was Thankgiving weekend...but we had a family wedding.
So the two of us decided to check out Jasper, first.
We had never been there before.
Perfect place for peace and rest.
Just the two of us!

A quick trip down to Valemont, BC.
(within one hour's drive from Jasper)
A first time discovery for me.
Mountains galore!

It was fun to join the excitement of a family wedding in Valemont,
this weekend. My nephew Kris married the love of his life...
Crystal, and she is one amazing lady.
We all love Cameron!
Thanks for making this such a special occasion for all of us.

Another opportunity for the Schmidt sibling to gather together.
We may look strange...
But we all know how to have fun!

A quick glimpse of Mount Robson..
Many times it's been veiled in clouds....
but not today..
This mountain stands at about 12,000 feet in it's splendor and view.
It is one amazing view!

On Monday we celebrated Thanksgiving dinner with the family.
I love to bring the natural beauty to the table, the horn of plenty,
meaning the celebration of fruits and vegetables.
This year we decided to change things up...
We chose to use the fresh produce from our garden,
cook the meal, and of course add a Turkey with stuffing,
thereby taking the opportunity to teach our grandchildren,
the art and value of gardening.
We took sample seeds and had the grands identify the seeds to the vegetable.
It was amazing to see how many things they could identify.
Only because they have been part of the planting and harvesting.
We ate the produce and gave thanks...
As usual, there's always tears flowing as family share their experiences.

Last but not least....
We also celebrating the successful rescue of the 33 miners,
and the 6 rescue crew that assisted this mission.
As they said,
"Mission Accomplished Chile"
What an amazing defeat for the world to observe.
I know I have more than five items....
I think she's OK with it.
but talk to Susanne at Living to tell the Story...
She is a wonderful host.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. That is a wonderful five Marg. It has been years since I went through Jasper. Your picture of Mt Robson is so majestic.
    I love family weddings. . we haven't had one of those for awhile.
    What a great idea to use your own produce for the Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. What a great week you had! The location of the wedding was stunning. I love mountains! Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful- ours is still to come in November. The rescue of the miners in Chile has touched many hearts. What a good week!

  3. Beautiful pictures of places we've also been! It's not often that we've seen the tip of Mount Robson - out of the clouds - possibly just once or twice in our travels through the Rockies. Family weddings are so much fun. Probably have to wait another decade for the next generation of family weddings to start. Glad you had a great time!

  4. Such beautiful photos to go with your wonderful week! The wedding looked like it was in a beautiful setting. Love seeing that grand mountain. Watching those miners being rescued was so wonderful!!

  5. Wonderful pictures...great memories! It's a Thanksgiving weekend you will long remember.

  6. Wonderful Post, Marg!A family wedding is such a great excuse to travel and I'm glad you still got the dinner in at home. Sounds like there was some help there and all's good!

  7. You had a wonderful week! I love the picture of Mt. Robson, and also your "horn of plenty."

    We also were glued to our TV to see the rescue of the miners. I'm so happy that all were able to be rescued.

  8. Great FFFs, Marg! Someday, I'm going to get up to Canada and see all those beautiful mountains! Congrats to your nephew and his new wife!
    I think everyone on the planet was cheering and crying with joy when the last of the miners came safely to the surface of the earth!
    There are going to be more opportunities to share our knitting and crocheting to help Generate Hope. I'll let you know :) Eleanor says hi to Charlotte and Charles... oh, and my daughter wrote a long comment about Generate Hope you will want to read :)

  9. Beautiful pictures, and it looks like you had an awesome week.

    I am so excited about your cookbook! I'm sure you are, too. Great, great news!

    Happy week ahead to you.

  10. A wonderful week of blessings!! The wedding party outfits are lovely. And the mountain view is stunning. We had our own produce for Thanksgiving too and our next-door neighbour's chicken - it's a good feeling to eat home-grown. Thankful with you for the miners' safe recovery!

  11. Weddings are such wonderful times. This one looks beautiful and it seems like a perfect setting.

  12. That is so cool that you had the grandkids match the seed to the produce. Love that idea. And also that you ate from your very own bounty for Thanksgiving.

    The wedding looks beautiful. What a great setting for it.

  13. What a beautiful place for a wedding. Wow. Loved, loved the Chilean rescue coverage! Such a blessing to be able to watch it live and with such great results.

  14. Jasper is a lovely place....we celebrated a family wedding there some years back. Glad you and yours could get away together.

  15. The wedding party is gorgeous. The scenery takes my breath away.

    What a wonderful time with your family.


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