Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's FAVE Five ~ Beauty

Here we go with this week's Fave Five.
Beauty throughout the whole week.
Beauty in nature...
Beauty in relationships.
Beauty in technology...
Thank Susanne for being our gracious host.

I peered out the window, to the east,
and awed in wonder, as I saw the sunrise in the distance,
above Mt. Cheam.

My eyes turned out to the west,
and a Red Sunset Maple became my favorite.

I turned my eyes to this little bowed head...
How could this not be a favorite?
There's nothing better than slurping up those noodles.

I turned my eyes down the driveway,
and wondered what was weighing down this big guy?
This little guy's been shopping or has he.
Something that has a bit of weight.
What's he trucking off to the shop?
Looks like he's been hanging out with his Opa.
Check back on Monday.

My eyes are always glued to this icon..
Is she or isn't she on line?

I've learned something new...
(the arrow should be pointing to the S)
Another method of video/phoning for free via internet.
Something else that I added to my tool I use it frequently.
So far the internet is very slow and delayed in Haiti,
but nevertheless less we sure have made use of SKYPE'S chat line.
It's a favorite part of my week.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hi Marg - I have been reading Judy's blog for a few months and clicked on your comment because you mentioned being close to Seattle. She inspired me to do a post today. I love your Friday's Fave Five idea. Great photos! Sunshine Always - Sheila

  2. What a beautiful week we had!

    I'll be back Monday to see what your guys have been up to. I'm thinking maybe he's roasting coffee beans with Opa.

  3. Skype is such a blessing!! Do you have video too? It makes it seem like a real visit.

    Beautiful vistas on your side of the country!

    And darling little grandboys :) Is he helping out in harvesting the garden? I'll check in next week.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Such treasures of photos! Just joined SKYPE today and will have to learn all about it. Not quite sure I've got it yet! Maybe the grandkids will help - going down to visit them today. Have a great week-end and love your Favs.

  5. It was a most gorgeous week for sure. You found the best of the best to enjoy and I smiled with you and your noodle boy and your delivery boy.

  6. Loved your "photo essay" of blessings.All your photos have meaning, but I'm especially caught by the beauty of the sunrise sky and the red maple. The song from your playlist Moonlight by Brian Crain was playing. It sure added to the magic of the photos. Thanks for sharing.

  7. LOL! LOVE the noodle shot! That's awesome.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  8. What beautiful, beautiful favorites! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What beautiful fall pictures!!

    Happy FFF! Praying you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Great photos, Marg! I love photos of kids eating spaghetti. I have a great one of my daughter bathed in spaghetti sauce.

    Isn't modern technology awesome? As a mom, I am feeling grateful for all the ways we can connect with our kids. Next month my daughter will be moving away and I'm so happy I can text, email and facebook her (and of course, call!)

  11. Love the photos of the boys!

  12. What a beautiful post! We don't have Skype yet, but I'm working on my husband. With that grandbaby states away, how can I NOT?

    Anxious to see what the little guy and Opa cooked up.

    Love the noodle boy! Happy week ahead.

  13. Skype is really a wonderful thing, so glad you found it!

  14. You have some beautiful photos to represent your blessings. I love the pictures of the little ones. A picture really does speak a 1,000 words! Have a nice weekend!

  15. Love your favorite five! all definitely noteworthy!! and beautifully photo-ed!
    I'm definitely curious what that little guy is dragging in the bag...I'll be back to find out!!

  16. Beautiful favorites! I hope you get a nice clear connection on skype this weekend. And a wonderful sense of God being with your daughter... and drawing you close as well.

  17. We are on skype weekly to chat with our little grandsons. It's wonderful!
    I always enjoy your FAVE five!

  18. Hi Marg!
    Your new blog design is very elegant...and calm ~

    Love your photos! Your week looked filled with all the treasures anyone could ask for ~ love, beauty and family. I think family is love and beauty rolled into one!

    Skype is great isn't it!?!
    Whether 2 or 20 hours away ~ it's a blessing~

    I also enjoyed your post on the two different weddings...
    My oldest, Amanda, tells me that when she gets married she wants a potluck... Maybe I should entertain that idea more!
    *Have a blessed Sunday*

  19. I loved the fall picture of the trees.

    I wonder what that little grand-boy is dragging up the road??

  20. I love Skype. Wish the Oldest Girl would get on it more.

    Your post made me smile. Especially those adorable blonde heads. :v) One thing I've learned, with little boys you just never know what could be in a bag they are toting.

  21. Marg,
    Beauty is all around, where we chose to look for it. Thanks for the reminder.


  22. Praying for all those in Haiti now facing cholera. Keep us posted of what you learn Ok?


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