Friday, October 1, 2010

FAVE Five ~ Harvest Time

Here it is again....
Friday's FAVE Five.
Head out to Susanne's and check out what FFF is all about.
This week has flown by, but we have enjoyed the weather.
We are back to summer??

Five of us headed out to Whistler for a weekend,
bikes and all..rain or shine...
We all new how to have fun, regardless.

The schools have celebrated Terry Fox day this week.
My Icon took the day to share his story at a local school.
When I picked up the little boys....
I heard the story all over again, about Terry Fox.
"Opa, could you please run the race with me on your yard?"
Even the little one decided to join the run.

But for one little guy....
Off to Opa's shop.
He too needed a bionic leg.

This other little guy is not eating an apple....
Can you tell me of any other little two year olds
who dig into tomatoes?

And one more big bonus one for dessert....

It's time to harvest those potatoes that he planted in early spring.

You know my heart.
It's close to the ground.
Fresh cut fields on October 1st in balmy warm weather.
What a wonderful pleasant surprise for all the farmers.
I love the sound of machinery fired up bringing in the harvest.
Last weekend Mt. Cheam had snow...this weekend we should all be hiking.


  1. Yesterday we passed many fresh cut fields. ..what gorgeous pictures.
    Your little guy with his bionic leg is just darling. Wow. .those boys have an amazing man in their life to follow.

  2. Loved reading your favorites and that your heart is close to the ground :0)
    That first photo of all you cyclists in weather is great!!

  3. Another interesting post. I have one grandson who prefers tomatoes - has since he was little. Just a little salt and pepper at first, now he has graduated to a drizzle of balsamic oil. It's his all time fav! Go figure!

  4. Julene loved eating a tomato like that too as a toddler! Yes, it's a beautiful day and hiking does sound like it may be a possibility this weekend .. if the weather holds out.

  5. I'm glad you got a taste of summer before winter, both in weather and in tomatoes!

    How cute that your grandson wants to be like grandpa, even in the way he walks ....

  6. I love your down at the farm posts, Marg. Your little guys are adorable and obviously love being with their Nana and Papa.
    A stellar friday favourit five.

  7. What precious pictures. My daughter started loving tomatoes like that at such a young age. It's still her favorite food. And I can't stand them. ha. I've never heard of Terry Fox day; I'll have to look that up. Sounds inspiring!

  8. Such great pictures. I loved the one of your grandson with the tomato!

    Hope you have a great week ahed.

  9. What beautiful pictures, looks like you are all enjoying the harvest!

  10. I can always tell from your posts where your heart is-with the land and your family. What lucky boys to have their own garden to harvest. Loved your little one's bionic leg! How far did you five ride?

  11. That last picture is gorgeous. What beautiful country you live in!

    Love the cycling, rain or shine picture. I love biking but have to admit I wimp out when it's raining.

    What a cutie eating up your tomatoes. And you're right. Not many kids would do that.

    Gotta love the bionic leg to match Grandpa's.

  12. You are such a wonderful grandma...and it looks like he got a good crop of spuds.....and that bionic leg....what a fun time he has with grandpa. Glad you also had fun with the girls. I love your FAVE Fives!

  13. It's all good, Marg.

    And, I adore that little fellow digging in to the tomato. That is incredible.

  14. I love how easily children follow someone they love! even if it means needing a bionic leg .. just like theirs! smile... How sweet!
    Love the photo of the 5 bikers!

  15. I picked up where you left off in Whistler and had great weather. I didn't bike, but did plenty of hiking.
    I loved your photos this week, and every bit of narrative - and especially that your heart is close to the ground - what a lovely way of putting it.

  16. The harvest looks so beautiful where you are, Marg!

    I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving in case I don't get a chance to revisit you by this weekend. Have a wonderful holiday!

  17. Oh so beautiful. You are lucky to live in the wide open spaces. I never get tired of the picture at the top of your blog. It takes my breath away.

    Someday I hope to live in a place where I can feel and smell the earth---and see more sky!

    Your grandson must love his visits with grandma!


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