Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can We Compost This? I Need Your Help!

This man never leaves machinery out for night.
But here it is...this old JD.
I've written about him before,
I've actually written him off...
but he seems to be giving us trouble again.
The motor stopped in the middle of our last cut,
and this poor baby sat outside all night.

That seat is trashed.
We're using bungee cords to hold it together,
around the steering column.

Is that a piece of shingle tacked on to the window space?
There used to be a plastic covering, to determine it's weight.
Then when we lost the cover, the grass flew all over the yard and
slightly misted me with freshly strewn lawn scent.

We've been working hard at composting this year...and
I've grown to appreciate this concept...
staying with the green theme color.
Mean while, I just hollered out...I was fed up
"Why don't you just compost this thing?"

I don't think those were the right words.

Now, he's taken out the JD manual...
I think he has second thoughts.
If this was the primary tractor at the barn,
it would of been composted years back.
I wonder why he has a roped tied on the front bumper?

Sure enough....
I get a call from the house..
"Can you give me a quick hand?"
I can still hear him muttering...
"No piece of machinery of mine stays overnight in the rain."

Now you know what kind of hand I am.....
I attempt...but I'm not that good anymore.
Obviously you know where he dragged me from.

Finally we did it together...
He pulled the JD with the truck,
while I sat on it steering, it close to the shop.
Another project for the winter.
Us farm wives come in all shapes and sizes,
and yet they still think we're good for something.
I bet you anything,
I'll be the last to the compost pile in our family.

How many of you can help me vote,
YES! to the compost pile?
Maybe the results on a national wide poll might make a difference.


  1. It looks like you take great care of your machines! Maybe this one has earned a retirement. I vote for the compost pile (although we have kept machines alive waaaay beyond their limit. I'm sure my husband would vote to re-service it.) Good luck with your decision.
    We have more new snow this morning. I wasn't quite ready for it!

  2. Split the difference and repurpose it. Make it an art challenge/repair class do over. If my friend's RAV could be made into a street licenced purple hippo that winked, imagine what might be done with an old JD.

  3. I'd say trade it in for a Kubota:)

  4. I know whereof you speak...since we have a John Deere lawn mower of much the same vintage. Our 'window' is duct taped in place.

    I'm smiling at Betty's comment!

  5. This makes be laugh because my husband has one that needs to be put to rest, too. But, he just doesn't seem to be able to let go.

    I guess we need to be thankful that we have husbands that believe in going the long haul.

  6. You're sense of humour makes me smile -the 'last to the compost pile' comment made me laugh!

  7. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that it will stay in the tinker bin instead of the compost bin! :0)
    I'm glad he got the truck out to pull that thing to the shop!

  8. International!
    Yes, send it to the compost pile! That great metal pile in the sky :)

  9. Oh Marg... You are so funny... I'm starting my day with a smile -
    I totally get what you're saying here. I would "love" to help Chris use the snow blower in the winter...BUT, it's held together with all kinds of gadgets. It's an old thing and I'd like to take it back to the compost heap.
    Hmmm... Most of our cars are almost there too. a '96, '98 and my son's car is a '98 too.
    We just keep them going.
    John Deer is probably still made very well, but the older machines {of any sort} are made so well.
    My "new oven" of four years is falling apart. It was the "top of the line" in its category.
    I'm leaning on keeping it going, unless it's a danger to use...
    then it's the compost heap :D
    *thanks for the smiles, Marg*
    enjoy these last days of October!

  10. Marg, your story is so funny, but so true, and very familiar! Our JD lawnmower, of the same era, is in similar shape-(the bagger never did work after it was given to us by the in laws), and our Ford - well it has had many fix ups, and I can't mow without something happenning. But, 2 sons take after father, and one or the other keeps getting 'fixed', only not always fast enough. Good thing we live in the country where short lawns don't matter as much! Dairymary

  11. Terry says. ."I'm glad there are other guys that can fix things and make them last. .he says it is always fixable". As he says this he is now talking out loud about what our JD needs for next year. .new blades.

    I hope you get that new JD. .that's my vote.

    Good one Betty.

  12. Love that.. no machinery of mine stays out overnight. If my husband were a farmer... that would be him too.

  13. If you keep it in the family for 100 years, there may be some pickers coming by, offering big bucks for such a wonderful antique.


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