Monday, September 13, 2010

Where is Summer?

Where is our summer?
It seems like our summer has come and gone.
Over the next few days/weeks,
I am going to give you a quick recap of our summer.

We stood waiting at the Bellingham terminal, on Friday, August 13th.
We sighted the boat from a distance far away...
I was excitedly waving my Canadian flag..
She knew that would be me.
And alas there it was....

I see her...She sees me!!
Loud voices are heard, echoing back and forth.

It's so good to have you back home safe, Suzanne!

Welcome back Christopher!
It's so good to see you again.
They both cycled to Alaska with 3 other local teachers.
They cycled close to 2600km....
What an accomplishment.
A few detours did not seem to affect your goal.
You can read about their journey on my side bar.

On our own Canadian Turf!
We are so glad that you are safe and sound, HOME AGAIN!


  1. What a fun accomplishment for a teacher vacation! I'm glad they were able to finish it up.

  2. They will have wonderful stories to tell and memories for life.

  3. Oh Marg I can see you waving that flag:) Congrats on their accomplishments!

  4. I just clicked over to read a little more of their journey on the sidebar...and had a good laugh. Not every moment of the bike trip was a highlight...I see. They will have wonderful memories...and many to stories to tell.

  5. What an amazing accomplishment and tales to last a lifetime I'm sure.
    It's always good when we see them face to face again safe and sound!!

  6. What an amazing adventure they've had!

  7. Amazing accomplishment for your young people. I love the flag waving. .that is my kind of welcome home.
    I look forward to reading about their journey.

  8. Gald they made it home safe and sound! I did read a few posts on their blog about their trip this summer...what an adventure in stamina...what wonderful memories they will always keep.


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