Monday, September 6, 2010

Summit Meeting 2010

You've been wondering about the buzz?
We just finished hosting our first
MGCC Summit 2010!

A group of 10 women gathered together
for the first time since we began the MGCC blog two years ago.
You can catch up and see the events unfold on our blog.
We spent three days together.
What do 10 women do at a Summit Meeting?

Ate fantastic meals!

Made new friendships.

Walked through Minter Gardens

Cruised the Harrison Lake

Read scriptures and prayed

Sang, "Great is thy Faithfulness"

Pampered by Massages

Toured each others' homes.

Visited Lepp Farms and Neufeld Farms

Played Dress up!

Dreamt about new ideas.

Discussed down to earth business.

Talked and shared about our lives.

Laughed till the tears rolled down.

Cried about each other's heart aches.

Did I say sleep???

We did it all.
And all that's left?
Is a mantle of collectibles and memories that tug at the heart.
New friendships were made that will last a life time.

Who says Mennonite girls can't have fun?


  1. What a great event to have with good friends! It looked like so much fun. You are lucky to have such a collection of friends that have so much in common and who all like to have fun. I hope you make it a new yearly tradition.

  2. Oh I know you had fun....for sure! What fun WE had following your blogs. Wonderful time together and cram packed full of sharing and friendship. I am so happy for all of you.

  3. It really was fun for us to follow along on your adventure!! You had such a wonderful time - even massages - now I really am envious! I'm wondering about your "new ideas". Can't wait to hear about them.

  4. You are so blessed to enjoy the friendship with such a lovely, godly group of women!

  5. What a lovely recap of our time with your great mantle shot :0)

  6. Marg.. what a great list! What a great time!

  7. That does sound like a lovely weekend :)

  8. Your list says it all Marg! Great memories and special prayer times to continue. How can we top that??

  9. I've enjoyed all the posts about your great summit - what a gathering!

  10. Hi Marg!
    Oh what fun you girls have!
    Love hearing all about it!
    There are dear hearts all over the world ~ it's wonderful to meet here and in person!
    What wonderful memories you make!
    Have a sweet September week, Marg ~

  11. I love your take on it Marg. .and I fully agree with all that you said. ..what a amazing time.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful time for everyone!

  13. Oh yes...Mennonite Girls Can Have Fun...and did we ever! And we had the 'funnest' social coordinators...who had everything planned to the last detail. Love your list, Marg!

  14. I love the way you summarized our time together. Everyone's perspective of our 'summit' is as different as we all are.


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