Tuesday, September 21, 2010

She's Home, She's Gone!

She's Home Again!
But not for long.
She is pursing a life long dream.
She's spent three months in Brazil working in an orphanage.
Years later she joined friends in the Philippines...
right on the front lines, sharing duties with peace building.
Her past years, she's been working at GF Strong,
as a rehab therapist...and now she's leaving again.

She will be joining a team of medical professionals in Port-au-Prince.
Christian Blind Mission, Canada.
We hope she comes back in March.

It's been so much fun having her at Home Again.
This past weekend we have had friends and family
stopping by spontaneously to bid her farewell.

One of the things I need to mention about Mikki,
is that when she's home...there is action...

She loves her family and friends.
I'm not sure if she even knows how to cut a lawn.

That last minute hug with those little boys.
No more portraits in this family.

A special visit with her Opa...he shared three simple points.
  • Help People
  • Glorify God
  • Learn about Yourself.

Cousins can be heard laughing from all ends of the house.

Somehow when she's home, she thinks that this house belongs to
none other but herself.
Every room has evidence that she is at home.

Packing and looking for more space to spread out.

Playing with toys...in the family room,
as she visited with friend with little ones.

Preparing food in the kitchen for more guests.
She actually can cook...

Creating costumes with friends.
New characters take on as they run out the door.
That explains my broken needle on my sewing machine.

Finally when every room was filled with her stuff...
she started on the hallway.

"Good Morning....It's Monday...
Did you sleep in the hallway?"

Her bags are packed and weighed..

As we sat around the Family Table...
we took time to reflect about our lives.
People shared, laughed and cried.
Her Father read a scripture of blessing to her.

"I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid." John 14: 27

I'm hoping that someone will greet her at the airport
with a big flag waving her name on a sign...and adding a big hug.
She should be landing just about now.

Mikki we will miss your laughter and joyful spirit.
We will miss your sensitivity to life.
You have taught us so much.
But we know you are following your dreams.

"Within every celebrated ending, a new opportunity beckons.
Within every ending there lies a new beginning
that calls us to reach out and explore."


  1. Good luck to Mikki on her next adventure! Some people just know how to experience life.
    My house looked a little like yours (clutter) when my family came last weekend! Our clutter was "kid" stuff.

  2. Thank you for sharing Marg..I will remember Mikki and you and your family in prayer..goodbyes are so hard. I know a mother's heart and how hard it is to let go and that reminds me of what I tell myself a lot "Let go and let God".

  3. Wishing Mikki many blessings as she goes where God leads. I can tell she will be missed! Today your house will be quiet...and tidy...and you will think of her. I will remember her...and of you...in prayer in these next months.

  4. what a wonderful post to mikki.
    may the time she spends serving the Lord be a time of great blessings for her and all God's children,

  5. Oh Marg what a wonderful post about Mikki! God bless her dearly as she gives of herself and her talents to help the less fortunate. I had to laugh about her taking over every part of the house...that's our Katie, too. It looks like you all packed so much into your time together. Love it!

  6. Marg, it looks like a whirlwind passed through your house and left again, leaving love and memories in its wake. Mikki is off to live another dream, and what a dream - it's not all about her. May she, and also you and J, experience peace during this time. Dairymary

  7. Mixed feelings - learning to let go - yet still keeping them forever in our hearts! We know that God loves them even more than we ever do! What a treasured gift are our children! Blessings to your daughter on her adventures with the Lord and Life and hugs to you as you await her next visit - missing her all the while.

  8. Hurrah for Mikki! (And it is good to see that my daughter is not the only daughter capable of taking over an entire house with stuff during one short visit!)

  9. Oh Marg .... you almost have me in tears as I feel with you ... those kind of suitcases and last moments... I wonder how many more I will have to face... but God does continue to show HIs grace and He does give peace .... may you know that peace these days as you pray for her protection and trust His care over her.
    A new beginning for Mikki ... she will grow and you will be blessed... as well as others.

  10. Loved this post Marg. All the best to Mikki...what a great opportunity. Glad you all had such a great time together this past while....you have an awesome family where love abounds! Blessings! Kathy (MGCC)

  11. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and courageous daughter with us Marg .. .we're all proud of you ..you've raised an amazing girl.

  12. What a heart-warming and (a little) heart-rending post. I'm sure we can all relate to each of your captioned photos, and smile at similar memories. Good luck to your lovely daughter!

  13. God's blessings on Mikki as she moves on to this next adventure! Isn't it fun when the kids are home? Even the messes...

  14. God's blessings on Mikki as she moves on to this next adventure! Isn't it fun when the kids are home? Even the messes...

  15. Miss you too Mikki! All the best on your next adventure!! Eryn x

  16. It looks like you gave Mikki a wonderful send off - one that will stay with her and uphold her in times of loneliness. May she feel the love of family and friends as she shares her life, her talents and God's love with those in Port Au prince.


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