Thursday, September 30, 2010

Revolving Doors!

This week Chilliwack General Hospital closed it's Main Entrance Doors!
A crew of Volunteers were at the doors
bright and early on Monday morning,
greeting, directing, way finding, diffusing the confusion,
and smiling to all patients, visitors, and medical staff.

You can always count and trust on our volunteers.

The ever popular, Tim Hortons is shut down.
It will be missed by its patrons.
The doors are closed.
No more Timmies, but not for long.

The new Emergency Entrance doors,
will serve as the Main Entrance doors till January, 2011.
Yes, there was a bit of complaining and confusion,
but it didn't take long, till all the volunteers
stepped up to the plate cheerfully smiling and admitting,

"Yes, it's a maze, but soon it will be amazing."

This $35 million project is building a new emergency
and lab building and renovating the existing ambulatory
care facility at Chilliwack General Hospital.
When completed, this project will help Fraser Health
meet the growing health care needs of Chilliwack
and neighboring communities.
It will be exciting to see this project completed in Winter 2011.

Meanwhile another industry closed it's doors.
This family farm has been operating for 33 years.
Vyecroft Holsteins will be remembered for years to come.
There passionate goal in breeding was to breed solid functional cows,
that could milk adequately, stay around for years and continue those
genetics into subsequent generations.

They not only milked cows, they also together
raised a wonderful family who have contributed there
hard working efforts in supporting the Family Farm.

The cows may be gone....
but this family has miles to travel,
mountains to climb,
lakes to discover,
basket ball games to watch
and a grandchild to hug.

Blessings to both Vic and Elsie, and family,
as you too, will find a new chapter waiting to be written.
I wonder which amazing door will open next.


  1. I've been praying for Vic and Elsie, that the changes in their lives will be positive, and the memories good. I did not know that about the hospital. Thanks for the heads up - hopefully I won't have to make use of that info. Dairymary

  2. We have been thinking of Vic & Elsie this week...knowing they were counting down to the 'final milking'. Wishing them many blessings on the road that lies ahead...without cows. Tim Horton's at the hospital? Will there be a new & improved TH...down the road? I'm hoping.

  3. Blessings on Vic and Elsie. Hope the hospital changes will go well and that the renovations will be worth it. I think we all need to be prepared for what amazing door God opens next for us :0)

  4. Our General Hospital went through a big reno earlier this year and it was a bit crazy for a bit - then they had to re-open the closed parts to take care of the boat load of Tamil refugees, so it's a good thing it was still available.
    I am having BIG trouble with blogger too. I can't upload photos - very frustrating, and Blogger Help is no help at all.

  5. So much happening in your life Marg. . .the hospital looks wonderful ..I love change.
    I remember when my parents moved off the farm. .all the lasts were so bitter sweet for them. .They have pictures of the last feed truck. .the last chicken toting truck ... and lots of first pictures of their things thereafter.

  6. It makes me think of the oft-quoted motto "Life is Change." I hope your friends have a wonderful time as they embark on the new "bend in the road."

  7. Wishing your friends all the best in the next season of life! May the Lord bless them in all future endeavors.

    Lovely to catch up on all your posts. Your dear hospital deserves improvement - visited your ER just once while I was visiting my sis. VOLUNTEERS are the greatest!! Our country couldn't run without them!


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