Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Hot Summer Day

We waited eagerly for the Calgary cousins to arrive.
All the little jobs were completed.
That was always a standing joke,
when the Calgary Cousin were coming...
everything had to be spic and span.

The new table was built and painted by Levi.
He's already got help as he proudly hauled it out of the shop.

And for once the kids had their own table..
I'm not sure who was happier.

I'm wondering if this table setting will pass their inspection?
Looks like I had some extra help.

Hot days welcome water in all sorts of fashions.
Where are the days of the old tarps?

It's called staying cool!

Oh, it was nice to see a princess swinging in the early morn.
She was feeling the freedom to run barefoot and wear her nightie....
while mommy was sleeping soundly in bed.

A day at the water slides.
Fun for young and old!

Some liked the tube and some preferred not.

The boys are figuring out what strategy to use to make a dam.

While she's only thinking about being a cool princess.

On the way home, no one could resist stopping by
the local ice-cream shop selling McKay's Ice-cream,
exported all the way from Cochrane!

This is one cool dude.

Looks like they all hit the sack...
Oh, by the way....that's a quilt I picked up at the MCC Sale
thirty years ago and it's been used as our beach blanket forever.

So now we will eagerly wait till next year...
with memories galore,
to see our Calgary Cousins again.


  1. Oh, the memories of when the kids were young and we had loads of cousin events and vacations! Wish I could relive many of those times......Great photos and thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Looks like a perfect reunion with the cousins. There is nothing better, especially when water and ice cream are included!

  3. I thought we had bid farewell to summer...but I feel it here today. It looks like a good time was had by all! Where is that ice-cream kiosk?

  4. aww... what fun, Marg. I really loved the table setting! smile...

  5. So nice to be reminded of the summer. You captured it well and celebrated it perfectly! Love that quilt!

  6. What a darling post of your family. Looks like you all know how to relax and have fun together. Cheers! Kathy

  7. Gee I wish I was one of the cousins too!
    Our family had a joke when cousin's came a'visiting: Our moms would clean the house and especially the bathroom just before arrival time, then tell us to stay out of the bathroom until after our "guests" arrived.

    When we hit our teen years, we would wait out front until the visitors pulled up, then would go into great antics panomiming that we needed to "go", crying out "Hurry up, go inside and see the bathroom for heavens sake so we can finally get to use it again!

  8. I had to check out your Utah photo on your heading. It is very pretty! I love this area!

  9. What a fun post Marg..you all had a great time together.
    I loved the table setting:)


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