Thursday, September 23, 2010

Follow Up!

Remember a few posts back?
The one about the golf shirts?
The other night on my way out for supper,
I noticed a rip in the back of my new trendy blouse.
I've worn this only twice and already it's quality is useless.
Now two months later, the other side ripped...
I'm thinking with the up coming fall,
that I'm entitled to enjoy my golf shirts again.

Anyways, she's off to Haiti...she won't notice.
Remember comfort lasting for years and years...
Kudos' to the Golf Shirt!
They are back in my closet.


Secondly, remember awhile back...a post titled?
This Bugs Me

Can you notice anything different?
I'm proudly pointing through the front door...
Things do change sometimes, especially when I'm gone.
Maybe I need to go away more often.
Let me know what you've observed.
Oh yes, the door needs painting..
I wonder what color to use...
Any suggestions and ideas?


  1. Yay for golf shirts...good for lounging, shopping, hiking, biking and tennis...with no rips...ever! Good for comfort...all the way.

    I see what's missing from the second longer there to bug you!

    Have you settled on a colour for the front door yet? The house looks lovely in it's new colours.

  2. I love t shirts from Lady Foot Locker! They're my go to 'golf shirts' (except I don't golf). The tree is gone!

  3. I'm glad you kept the shirts. They are good for comfort and wear- ability. Your house looks amazing and the tree will never be missed!

  4. Trendy shirts are all well and good, but I think we all need a supply of golf shirts ... I'm wearing a fuschia one now!

    The tree is gone! What a lovely place you have!

  5. Oh boy does it ever steam me to spend extra $$$ on a trendy item and then buttons fall off, seams separate and stains seem to magically appear. Totally understand about the appeal of golf shirts; but right now I am getting hooked on the easy breezy kurti shirts from India.

    The new landscaping is just perfect, but the crooked tree and bird splats could have stayed until Halloween...just for effect.

    I vote for either a deep red orange door or a fuchsia one, if your hubby would tolerate it. I've seen both on houses your color and they were simply fabulous.

  6. Golf shirts last forever - and are comfy - what more could you ask??

    Someone had the chain saw out while you were gone :)

  7. Marg, I think golf shirts suit you just fine!
    Beautiful house..for beautiful people:)

  8. "She's off to Haiti....she won't notice".....This had me laughing out loud. You go ahead and wear your comfortable and durable golf shirts! Your place looks great without the crooked tree. It doesn't even look like anything is missing.

  9. I love the new house color. The door would look great in black :0)

  10. You can't bet those good old stand by golf shirts. They are so comfy and durable.

    Your house is so pretty. Our neighbor's house is about the same color, and she painted her front door purple. She doesn't like it because it doesn't show. She had a nice teal color before, and it was pretty.


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