Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fave Five ~

Here's to my Favorite Fives for this week.
I'm beginning to enjoy the quietness.
Susanne, thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my highlights.
Why don't you stop by and check out what Susanne is doing.

A delicious treat...A cheese fondue on a warm fall evening.

Someone who loves me surprised me with a Fall Bouquet!

Who dropped these flowers off at my house??

Our first snow fall on Mt. Cheam!

Fifth? I'm not
My FAVE Five sort of turned into complaints
with this new update from blogging editor.
As you can see it's skewed.
Rather frustrating...It will not download photos.
Has anyone else experienced this?


  1. Your table looks lovely, and cheese fondue sounds like a treat.

    I love your fall bouquet, and what fun that someone would drop off flowers anonymously!

    Snow! I'm still waiting on fall!

  2. Mmm mm cheese fondue - I haven't had that for a very long time.

    Your fall bouquets are so pretty!

    Hope your blogger problems are fixed soon.

    Happy weekend Marg!

  3. I couldn't upload pictures on blogger a couple of weeks ago but then it corrected itself, I'm sure yours will too.

    Love cheese fondue!

  4. Your table looks very inviting indeed!

    I tried that new editing too and hated it. You can get back to the old editing. Just go into your blog settings, then click the basic button, scroll to the bottom of the page where it lets you choose which editing you want.

  5. Hmmm .. .if it had been me dropping off my fav. flowers - gladiolas - I would surely have invited myself to your cheese fondue !! smile...

    I'm with you... if something isn't broken .. stop breaking it under the pretext of making it better!grrr...

  6. Oh it did look like you had five faves even though your blogger has issues. . . I think many of us are in the same boat. .and I hope it sorts itself out.

  7. he song playing right now made me too sad...but I realize you have experienced the same sadness. Wishing you encouragement and joy today.

  8. I enjoyed your friday favourites. Haven't had a cheese fondue in a long time but maybe I'll have to do a raclette supper one of these nights. Gorgeous fall flowers. How wonderful to receive them from thoughtful friends.

  9. It is good to stop and reflect on the good things in life. Kathy


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