Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corn, Weddings, & Chickens

Someone asked me the other day,
How did you have time for a wedding in September?
Didn't you have to harvest corn?

Oh, yes, my friend...
Those are the first words I heard.
The wedding date was set for September 15, 1973.
And yes, we could go on a honeymoon....but only for a few days.
We had to get home quickly to harvest the corn.

Yes, it's 37 years today.
Today we are not harvesting corn,
but here a worthwhile recipe.
Creamed Corn

Tonight we are catching chickens...
Today I rode my bike out to the farm,
reflecting about the years that have gone by,
reminiscing to myself about my wonderful life.
When I arrived,
I was welcomed by B Trains, trucks, loaders, and catchers.
So, as long as you are a farmer's wife,
you know when duty calls.
I vowed I would never marry a farmer...
But I would not trade it for anything.

Let me please share with you a bit of nostalgia.
On our first get away 37 years ago...
we drove down the Washington Coast.
Somewhere in a small quaint village...
we spotted this shirt hanging in the window.
Guess who's eye spotted this first?

He dragged me in and made his first purchase.
$15 for a cotton/linen hand embroidered shirt.
I love the detail and I still wear it occasionally.
Hm...guess what I will wear on my anniversary supper?

Love is:
Patient, kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never haughty or selfish or rude. Love does not demand is own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do it wrong. It rejoices whenever truth wins out. It involves loyalty no matter what the cost... There are three things that remain...

Faith Hope Love

And the greatest of these is LOVE.
I cor. 13, 4-13, (TLB)

One nugget of advice:
Learn to make your marriage journey from being problem-focused to solution focused, meaning that you are always growing. A growth-focused marriages doesn't happen overnight. It takes intentional determination and lots of energy.

In spite of harvesting corn, or catching chickens,
we look at each other knowingly and understand...
that we too, have been weathered by storms of life,
but that gives us all the more reason to celebrate.
Still going strong.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I loved this post. I had to laugh at you saying you'd never be a farmer's wife, and then you were. I said I'd never live in the town my hubby lived in, and then I did! We must be careful what we say!

    It's cool that you still have the shirt that your husband first bought you.

    That picture of you and your hubby near the water is awesome!

  2. Never say never! My cousin didn't want to ever marry a pastor - well, guess what! Happy Anniversary and many blessed adventures with the Lord in the years ahead.

  3. Beautifully shared Marg! A very happy anniversary to the two of you!! Love your memories and that shirt and your advice :0)

  4. Happy anniversary to the two of you! May you have many blessed years ahead! Think of you often here at TWU.


  5. Happy anniversary, John & Marg! May your day be filled with good things...and may the road ahead hold blessings beyond what you have even hoped or prayed for.

    See ya later!

  6. Wishing you a wonderful anniversary and many more blessings in the years ahead! Enjoy the last days of warm summer weather. From a neighbour and fellow farmer, Dairymary

  7. Have a wonderful celebration today even if it is in the midst of farming:)
    Love the photo of you two! And will you share a pic of you wearing the shirt today?

  8. Happy anniversary Marg and J. I so admire your advice and I welcome it into our own marraige. We never have enough words of wisdom to bring to making our relationships better. You are a great example to me personally. . enjoy your day. .whatever you end up doing.

  9. What a wonderful post, Marg - you and John have certainly set an example of solution-based marriage - I love the way you two grab every opportunity to spend time together. May God grant you many more years together.

  10. Hi Marg!
    Happy Anniversary!
    What a wonderful post... All young married couples and older ones like me should read this ~
    You've written such a great message... but the real testimony is your long lasting love for each other ♥ ♥
    Blessings to you both ~

  11. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed your advice and laughed a bit at your sense of humor. A good farmer is worth his weight in gold. My farmer father was the same way. Hope you have a great celebration!

  12. May your reign of love continue, adding year upon year! Bless you two and that memorable shirt as well, Farmer's wife!

  13. Happy anniversary Marg & John! This was a beautiful post..I love that pretty shirt and the fact you still wear it. I wish I could fit into clothes I wore 35 years such luck as I grew!

    I hope you had a wonderful celebration!

  14. Happy Anniversary to you both!


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