Thursday, September 30, 2010

Revolving Doors!

This week Chilliwack General Hospital closed it's Main Entrance Doors!
A crew of Volunteers were at the doors
bright and early on Monday morning,
greeting, directing, way finding, diffusing the confusion,
and smiling to all patients, visitors, and medical staff.

You can always count and trust on our volunteers.

The ever popular, Tim Hortons is shut down.
It will be missed by its patrons.
The doors are closed.
No more Timmies, but not for long.

The new Emergency Entrance doors,
will serve as the Main Entrance doors till January, 2011.
Yes, there was a bit of complaining and confusion,
but it didn't take long, till all the volunteers
stepped up to the plate cheerfully smiling and admitting,

"Yes, it's a maze, but soon it will be amazing."

This $35 million project is building a new emergency
and lab building and renovating the existing ambulatory
care facility at Chilliwack General Hospital.
When completed, this project will help Fraser Health
meet the growing health care needs of Chilliwack
and neighboring communities.
It will be exciting to see this project completed in Winter 2011.

Meanwhile another industry closed it's doors.
This family farm has been operating for 33 years.
Vyecroft Holsteins will be remembered for years to come.
There passionate goal in breeding was to breed solid functional cows,
that could milk adequately, stay around for years and continue those
genetics into subsequent generations.

They not only milked cows, they also together
raised a wonderful family who have contributed there
hard working efforts in supporting the Family Farm.

The cows may be gone....
but this family has miles to travel,
mountains to climb,
lakes to discover,
basket ball games to watch
and a grandchild to hug.

Blessings to both Vic and Elsie, and family,
as you too, will find a new chapter waiting to be written.
I wonder which amazing door will open next.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fave Five ~

Here's to my Favorite Fives for this week.
I'm beginning to enjoy the quietness.
Susanne, thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my highlights.
Why don't you stop by and check out what Susanne is doing.

A delicious treat...A cheese fondue on a warm fall evening.

Someone who loves me surprised me with a Fall Bouquet!

Who dropped these flowers off at my house??

Our first snow fall on Mt. Cheam!

Fifth? I'm not
My FAVE Five sort of turned into complaints
with this new update from blogging editor.
As you can see it's skewed.
Rather frustrating...It will not download photos.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Follow Up!

Remember a few posts back?
The one about the golf shirts?
The other night on my way out for supper,
I noticed a rip in the back of my new trendy blouse.
I've worn this only twice and already it's quality is useless.
Now two months later, the other side ripped...
I'm thinking with the up coming fall,
that I'm entitled to enjoy my golf shirts again.

Anyways, she's off to Haiti...she won't notice.
Remember comfort lasting for years and years...
Kudos' to the Golf Shirt!
They are back in my closet.


Secondly, remember awhile back...a post titled?
This Bugs Me

Can you notice anything different?
I'm proudly pointing through the front door...
Things do change sometimes, especially when I'm gone.
Maybe I need to go away more often.
Let me know what you've observed.
Oh yes, the door needs painting..
I wonder what color to use...
Any suggestions and ideas?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

She's Home, She's Gone!

She's Home Again!
But not for long.
She is pursing a life long dream.
She's spent three months in Brazil working in an orphanage.
Years later she joined friends in the Philippines...
right on the front lines, sharing duties with peace building.
Her past years, she's been working at GF Strong,
as a rehab therapist...and now she's leaving again.

She will be joining a team of medical professionals in Port-au-Prince.
Christian Blind Mission, Canada.
We hope she comes back in March.

It's been so much fun having her at Home Again.
This past weekend we have had friends and family
stopping by spontaneously to bid her farewell.

One of the things I need to mention about Mikki,
is that when she's home...there is action...

She loves her family and friends.
I'm not sure if she even knows how to cut a lawn.

That last minute hug with those little boys.
No more portraits in this family.

A special visit with her Opa...he shared three simple points.
  • Help People
  • Glorify God
  • Learn about Yourself.

Cousins can be heard laughing from all ends of the house.

Somehow when she's home, she thinks that this house belongs to
none other but herself.
Every room has evidence that she is at home.

Packing and looking for more space to spread out.

Playing with the family room,
as she visited with friend with little ones.

Preparing food in the kitchen for more guests.
She actually can cook...

Creating costumes with friends.
New characters take on as they run out the door.
That explains my broken needle on my sewing machine.

Finally when every room was filled with her stuff...
she started on the hallway.

"Good Morning....It's Monday...
Did you sleep in the hallway?"

Her bags are packed and weighed..

As we sat around the Family Table...
we took time to reflect about our lives.
People shared, laughed and cried.
Her Father read a scripture of blessing to her.

"I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid." John 14: 27

I'm hoping that someone will greet her at the airport
with a big flag waving her name on a sign...and adding a big hug.
She should be landing just about now.

Mikki we will miss your laughter and joyful spirit.
We will miss your sensitivity to life.
You have taught us so much.
But we know you are following your dreams.

"Within every celebrated ending, a new opportunity beckons.
Within every ending there lies a new beginning
that calls us to reach out and explore."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fave Five ~ Welcome September!

It's so good to come back and join all of you at
I have missed this much.
Many times I wanted to post...
but the time ran out...
company coming and going..
I took a bit of a rest...
Only to let things
roll once

Thank you Susanne for hosting.
Thanks for letting us share our highlights.

Fresh tomatoes from our garden....
The are a delight to share on fresh bread.

September and raspberries?
Those are the grands favorites.
It's time they come and pick them again.

She's home from Alaska,
but now it's on to Dog Agility and away we go...
Next year it will be the

Guess who's packed and home again?
Not for long...
I don't even want to think about it....

Loving that we could celebrate 37 years this past week.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corn, Weddings, & Chickens

Someone asked me the other day,
How did you have time for a wedding in September?
Didn't you have to harvest corn?

Oh, yes, my friend...
Those are the first words I heard.
The wedding date was set for September 15, 1973.
And yes, we could go on a honeymoon....but only for a few days.
We had to get home quickly to harvest the corn.

Yes, it's 37 years today.
Today we are not harvesting corn,
but here a worthwhile recipe.
Creamed Corn

Tonight we are catching chickens...
Today I rode my bike out to the farm,
reflecting about the years that have gone by,
reminiscing to myself about my wonderful life.
When I arrived,
I was welcomed by B Trains, trucks, loaders, and catchers.
So, as long as you are a farmer's wife,
you know when duty calls.
I vowed I would never marry a farmer...
But I would not trade it for anything.

Let me please share with you a bit of nostalgia.
On our first get away 37 years ago...
we drove down the Washington Coast.
Somewhere in a small quaint village...
we spotted this shirt hanging in the window.
Guess who's eye spotted this first?

He dragged me in and made his first purchase.
$15 for a cotton/linen hand embroidered shirt.
I love the detail and I still wear it occasionally.
Hm...guess what I will wear on my anniversary supper?

Love is:
Patient, kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud, never haughty or selfish or rude. Love does not demand is own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do it wrong. It rejoices whenever truth wins out. It involves loyalty no matter what the cost... There are three things that remain...

Faith Hope Love

And the greatest of these is LOVE.
I cor. 13, 4-13, (TLB)

One nugget of advice:
Learn to make your marriage journey from being problem-focused to solution focused, meaning that you are always growing. A growth-focused marriages doesn't happen overnight. It takes intentional determination and lots of energy.

In spite of harvesting corn, or catching chickens,
we look at each other knowingly and understand...
that we too, have been weathered by storms of life,
but that gives us all the more reason to celebrate.
Still going strong.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Hot Summer Day

We waited eagerly for the Calgary cousins to arrive.
All the little jobs were completed.
That was always a standing joke,
when the Calgary Cousin were coming...
everything had to be spic and span.

The new table was built and painted by Levi.
He's already got help as he proudly hauled it out of the shop.

And for once the kids had their own table..
I'm not sure who was happier.

I'm wondering if this table setting will pass their inspection?
Looks like I had some extra help.

Hot days welcome water in all sorts of fashions.
Where are the days of the old tarps?

It's called staying cool!

Oh, it was nice to see a princess swinging in the early morn.
She was feeling the freedom to run barefoot and wear her nightie....
while mommy was sleeping soundly in bed.

A day at the water slides.
Fun for young and old!

Some liked the tube and some preferred not.

The boys are figuring out what strategy to use to make a dam.

While she's only thinking about being a cool princess.

On the way home, no one could resist stopping by
the local ice-cream shop selling McKay's Ice-cream,
exported all the way from Cochrane!

This is one cool dude.

Looks like they all hit the sack...
Oh, by the way....that's a quilt I picked up at the MCC Sale
thirty years ago and it's been used as our beach blanket forever.

So now we will eagerly wait till next year...
with memories galore,
to see our Calgary Cousins again.