Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There's a Buzz In the Air!!!

My Island's a Mess!
but that's because there is a good reason.
Can you feel something different in the air today?

Many of you blogging friends must be catching on....

Trust me, a first class event is happening in the valley.
Stay tuned.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Coming's and Going's

Some of the cyclists are Home Again,
and others have stayed back to complete the last leg of the journey.

Sometimes curve balls get thrown at us,
so we're on route right now to pick them up.
Some members had to turn home early,
due to a family emergency.
The others will carry on and in spite of circumstances,
we know that they will have "All Finished Well!"
You can still follow their cycling trip on the side link.

So this morning, we're off early to have breakfast with the cyclists,
as they will be arriving in the Port of Bellingham.
We will wish them well as they tend to make the necessary arrangements.
We will continue travelling from Bellingham, planning a road trip down south,
through Washington, Idaho and Utah, eventually arriving at Bryce Canyon.
Judy has just finished travelling through these areas.
and has shared her experiences about Bryce Canyon.

My niece and family from Germany called recently
to let us know they were travelling in the Western states.
So we decided, why not take up the offer,
meet them, and travel together for a few days.

This summer has been coming's and going's for us,
in more than one way.
Earlier this spring we canceled a trip to Europe,
because of health issues with our parents.
Sometimes we catch ourselves off guard,
wondering, thinking and trying to make sense of things.
And yet on the other hand, it's wonderful
to look forward to a surprise visit from Europe.

It's good that we don't always know the next chapter.