Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No More Golf Shirts!

OK...travelling with my daughter was quite a learning curve for me.
I love a very comfortable and relaxed look.
That's just who I am....
Many of you who know me,
know that I love to sport a fine golf shirt.

So I dressed for the flight with my latest black golf shirt,
lined with rhinestones and pearls for buttons.
I thought that was a classy look with a beige denim trouser.

Ah, Ha.....I realized with in the first day...

"If you want to hang out with me,
leave your golf shirts in your suitcase...."

What was I to do, except go shopping.

So I came home and decided to share my shirts with you.
Black...it's always classy. Everyone needs a black shirt.
Green, well, isn't that the new black for this season?
Blue...you see, I picked that up in Malaya, Spain.
Red...when taking photos...it's the perfect color.
Navy...everyone needs a navy shirt...Nautical is the trend.
Sky Blue...with brown trim....goes perfect with my brown denim skirt.
Then there's hot Pink...my latest buy in Whistler.
Judy, you persuaded me to purchase that one.
Then comes my Ralph Lauren polo shirt...it's a keeper.
Orange...I needed something to cheer for Holland for the FIFA CUP!

As you can see, I love these shirts.
buttons up to the neck...
no peek a boo buttons....
no cleavage hanging out....
Come on! There must be others who love their golf shirts.
Now I need to part with them....
Maybe I will have a silent auction on Blog land.

Yes, we went shopping....
She insisted I wear some skinny jeans,
a loose airy cotton blouse, belted below the waste.
There you go...
That's my new look...
The beginning of a weeks holiday.
As you can see, she loves her sun dress.
Who want's my golf shirts????


  1. I like your golf shirt collection! I'd say...hang them in your spare closet...just so there are no regrets. Do you really think you will wear the 'loose airy blouse' belted below the waist on our next hike?

    Having said that...the 'new look' is very fun. And shopping with your daughter...in San Diego...would definitely be an experience to remember!

  2. I love your new look. . she is a smart girl. You probably can keep those golf shirts for golfing. ..but when you go out for lunch. .or meet a bunch of girlfriends for an outing. ..ask your daughter. . she knows her stuff.

  3. I like your new look! It's looks classy. I think there will always be a place for casual, too, so keep the golf shirts as well!

  4. That is a great look for you! Very hip lady. I'm going against the trend here and saying only keep a couple of the golf shirts and get rid of the rest!

  5. AnonymousJuly 13, 2010

    Great for you for trying to expand your wardrobe. I love branching out with my shirts and mixing up my style a little bit. I like a shirt that is different than your ordinary shirt but at the same time isn't some thing that is just crazy looking.

  6. AnonymousJuly 13, 2010

    Love your new look...although you look great in your golf shirts too. Yesterday at coffee I did like the top under your jean jacket...it was not a golf shirt. You do have quite the collection...with such fancy embellishments. Kathy (MGCC)

  7. I saw the shirts hanging in that closet and thought, Yes, that is Marg! Not that I would have thought you should wear something else .. you look comfortable and sporty. Having said that though, I love that your daughter was able to fix you up like that. I love the look!

  8. Snickering as everytime I visit my San Diego daughter I wind up shopping and getting caught up on SoCal style. Long shirts are not too bad of a style, but I still dislike low rise jeans. They hurt my abdomen when I bend over!

  9. Mikki BartelJuly 13, 2010

    comfy golf shirts are nice, but i bet if you ask my dad - he's loving the skinny jeans and feminine blouses.

    I mostly had dad in mind;)

  10. You look great!

    But keep the shirts...she'll never know.

    Glad you were able to spend special time with your daughter!

  11. Regarding your question, my bike is a Honda XR200.

    Oh...and I find it even scarier going DOWN hill. (Don't like looking over those bars)

    The bike claws it's way up pretty good--it's like a tractor.

  12. Oh my goodness...
    Marg YOU are so CUTE!
    What a fun post...
    I love your genuineness and conversational writing...
    You're awesome in your golf shirts...
    and beautiful in your new top too!
    Enjoy both sides of you!

  13. Well, I think you both look fabulous. And, these children of ours do force us out of our comfort zones at times. I guess it is good for us. But, be certain to hold on to the familiar, too.

    You know I love the pink shirt. ♥

  14. No golf shirts for me. I usually wear plain old t shirts from Lady Foot Locker. For work, I do wear nicer t shirt material tops--dressing for comfort! However, I understand living with 'fashion police'--my dd holds me up at the door!

    PS: You do look cute! Good job, daughter!

  15. I say, keep them all. Wear your golf shirts when you want to, and for going to a girls on the town event, wear the tops your daughter picked out. Best of both worlds!

    By the way, I own at least 4 golf shirts myself ...

  16. This post just made me smile! You look great in your new duds.


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