Monday, July 19, 2010

The Lion Sleeps Tonight!

What a wonderful evening of music and dance as we watched
Broadway's Award Winning Best Musical,

Immediately my mind and attention was directed
to my travels with my daughter in San Diego.
We went to the San Diego Zoo!
This was a first time for both.
We were intrigued by the wild life animals,
that we both had never seen before.
So you can imagine where we spent most of our time.

We both jumped on the one hour bus tour,
which gave us a comprehensive view of the park.
At the conclusion of our tour,
we both looked at each other and we knew
what sections of the park we needed to explore.
"The Wild African Animal Park"

Lions, elephants, rhinos, hippo's, bears, tigers, giraffes'
There was so much to see...but so little time.

Here I found her gazing, at what?

The most adorable Panda Bear napping.

He was so cute....
We could of taken him home with me.
We both fell in love with the Panda Bears.

It would not be fair if we did not introduce you to Frank.
Frank, the Gorilla, is King of his territory,
as he stops to pose for all of us.

The time was too short, but never the less,
it was one memorable day.
A day without worries, the philosophy of the animal kingdom.

"Hakuna Matata"

I leave you with the motto of the animal kingdom,
"It means no worries for the rest of your days.
It's our problem free philosophy."

"Hakuna Matata"

May you all experience a day with no worries!


  1. Lucky you! What a fun time you must have had. Some of my kids are going to The Lion King when it comes here. We have a nice zoo here, but much smaller than the one in S.D.

  2. Now there is something I need to do again - go to a zoo! Haven't been in one since the kids were little! Yikes that's over a quarter of a century! Great photos for your memory collection!

  3. Great idea to ride around that huge zoo first then pick a spot to enjoy more thoroughly. Great shots of the animals. Your daughter is lovely Marg!

  4. Such a lot of fun. ..I love the serenade and now I want to go to the zooooooooo toooooooo.

  5. I'm so jealous you got to go to see Lion King! I always find out about these events too late. I should get signed up on a mailing list.

  6. So cute! I'm glad you had a good day enjoying God's imagination.

    Yes! Hakuna Matata! I've got to try that!!

  7. Thanks for the update pics from the SDZ. I worked there in the gift shop while in college and spent my lunch breaks getting chummy with the animals. There was a pygmy hippo born one summer; cutest thing ever!
    Lion King comes to SLC this summer, I really want to go see it if we can still get tickets.

    Singing the song every San Diego resident used to know:

    Belong in the zoo....
    The San Diego zoo...

  8. What a great time you had with your daughter! I loved the post on golf shirts (will you really give them up? - I don't know if I can)because I like them too, for all the same reasons. I'll have to ask my daughter what she thinks.


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