Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day!

Today is Canada's 143rd birthday.
Friends, communities and families come together
from coast to coast and proudly celebrate all we have in common.
It's an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments.
It's an opportunity to celebrate our heritage.

It's just one year ago when my brothers each grabbed the pole
and slowly hoisted our flag pole into the air.

Straight and tall.
One could sense the feeling of patriotism.

He, then called the family and friends together,
and we joined our hearts in harmony as we all sang...
O Canada!

We have enjoyed the waving and clapping of our flag.
This year I added a rim of red petunias for an extra effect.

Each morning I wake up and peer out the window,
and check the direction of the wind.
Yes, it's been repaired three times already.

But today, I'm not partying with my friends at home.
This week I'm celebrating with my daughter in CA.
So we proudly share our loyalties with our neighbors,
who are also preparing to celebrate
July 4, Independence Day!

We are happy to be Canadians.
We want to embrace the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

Today I'm sending each of you a true Canadian Buffalo Cookie.
You know where you can find this recipe.


  1. And Canada Day greetings to you! I'll think of you as I see your flag waving...and grab a Buffalo cookie for the road.

  2. I hope you have a great Canada Day! I am looking forward to celebrating our big day here. We always have a church breakfast, family picnic, and fireworks. It is a fun time. I hope you are having a nice vacation in California, too.

  3. How cool is that! Love the photos of the hoisting of the pole! Happy Canada Day to you on our Southern Border :0)

  4. Happy Canada Day. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your daughter.

  5. Hope you have a great double celebration - of two wonderful countries!!

  6. Cherish your time with your daughter..Happy Canada Day!

  7. Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day as you celebrate with your daughter. Those cookies look yummy - thinking about baking a batch before the day starts!
    I heard that you were over my way on a bike holiday. I hope the weather cooperated!

  8. I shiver when I think how bless both our nations are! How few countries share a border peacefully; how dreadful it would be if we were not friends.

  9. Happy Canada Day Marg! The Buffalo cookies look great for a holiday picnic.

  10. Hi Marg!
    I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!
    What a beautiful flag you have!
    The maple leaf is such a sweet symbol~
    In the little village just outside of NY's capital city, we have a street named, Maple Avenue.

    Enjoy your family time in CA... hope the rest of the weekend is beautiful and sunny!
    God bless our countries, our freedom and peace ♥
    take care! travel safely ~ Maria

  11. Happy Canada Day! It looks like you had wonderful weather--a beautiful day!

  12. Happy Canada Day! We had fantastic weather for our 4th of July celebration here ~ spent the day at the beach with family and friends celebrating our freedoms and independence ~ so much to be thankful for..

  13. I always look for your flag when we drive by.... If I had known you had Buffalo cookies...I would have stopped by!! smile
    Looks like you had a great Canada Day! AND 4th of July!!!


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