Thursday, July 22, 2010

North to Alaska!

I couldn't wait....
They were coming for breakfast.
I got up early, prepared the fresh fruit,
yogurt, fresh Granola and Savory Scones.
I was ready, watching and waiting....
It's called Anticipation.

I ran to the end of my driveway and there they were.
Perfect timing.

Fresh Continental Breakfast around the Island.
What better way to start their adventure.
A prayer of blessing for safety.
They even added "Tasty Recipes at Home"
to their side will be a good reminder
about the good old fashioned home cooking that they are missing.

That's my Girl!

Five teachers.
Summers Off!
Spare Time!
2600 KM!
North to Alaska!
Leaving: July 12,
It was of high priority that
this trip begin after the World Cup Soccer Game.

By the way...
the dog did not go along,
I'm dog sitting for six weeks.
Group returns August 19th!
You can follow along on their ride.
Bicycling to Alaska on Highway 97!

Every night I check their travels and destinations.

I've always envied those teachers for having two full months off!
Some day I'm gong to try the same thing!
(two months off)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Lion Sleeps Tonight!

What a wonderful evening of music and dance as we watched
Broadway's Award Winning Best Musical,

Immediately my mind and attention was directed
to my travels with my daughter in San Diego.
We went to the San Diego Zoo!
This was a first time for both.
We were intrigued by the wild life animals,
that we both had never seen before.
So you can imagine where we spent most of our time.

We both jumped on the one hour bus tour,
which gave us a comprehensive view of the park.
At the conclusion of our tour,
we both looked at each other and we knew
what sections of the park we needed to explore.
"The Wild African Animal Park"

Lions, elephants, rhinos, hippo's, bears, tigers, giraffes'
There was so much to see...but so little time.

Here I found her gazing, at what?

The most adorable Panda Bear napping.

He was so cute....
We could of taken him home with me.
We both fell in love with the Panda Bears.

It would not be fair if we did not introduce you to Frank.
Frank, the Gorilla, is King of his territory,
as he stops to pose for all of us.

The time was too short, but never the less,
it was one memorable day.
A day without worries, the philosophy of the animal kingdom.

"Hakuna Matata"

I leave you with the motto of the animal kingdom,
"It means no worries for the rest of your days.
It's our problem free philosophy."

"Hakuna Matata"

May you all experience a day with no worries!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No More Golf Shirts!

OK...travelling with my daughter was quite a learning curve for me.
I love a very comfortable and relaxed look.
That's just who I am....
Many of you who know me,
know that I love to sport a fine golf shirt.

So I dressed for the flight with my latest black golf shirt,
lined with rhinestones and pearls for buttons.
I thought that was a classy look with a beige denim trouser.

Ah, Ha.....I realized with in the first day...

"If you want to hang out with me,
leave your golf shirts in your suitcase...."

What was I to do, except go shopping.

So I came home and decided to share my shirts with you.'s always classy. Everyone needs a black shirt.
Green, well, isn't that the new black for this season? see, I picked that up in Malaya, Spain.
Red...when taking's the perfect color.
Navy...everyone needs a navy shirt...Nautical is the trend.
Sky Blue...with brown trim....goes perfect with my brown denim skirt.
Then there's hot latest buy in Whistler.
Judy, you persuaded me to purchase that one.
Then comes my Ralph Lauren polo's a keeper.
Orange...I needed something to cheer for Holland for the FIFA CUP!

As you can see, I love these shirts.
buttons up to the neck...
no peek a boo buttons....
no cleavage hanging out....
Come on! There must be others who love their golf shirts.
Now I need to part with them....
Maybe I will have a silent auction on Blog land.

Yes, we went shopping....
She insisted I wear some skinny jeans,
a loose airy cotton blouse, belted below the waste.
There you go...
That's my new look...
The beginning of a weeks holiday.
As you can see, she loves her sun dress.
Who want's my golf shirts????

Friday, July 9, 2010

Can't You Smell Me?

I noticed the rain clouds moving in quickly this afternoon.
The farmers were making hay as fast as they could.
On one side of our land....was a typical scene....
Tractor, baler, and hay wagon.
That's what I was used to.
But on the other side, was a pick-up truck pulling a small
cart, or was it a chariot?
I have no clue and they were flying down the field.
You'll notice a gal sitting nicely on the edge of the truck.
She had no intentions of helping out.
But one by one, they loaded the chariot.

Meanwhile I was enjoying the smells of the freshly cut hay.
This reminded me of a time, when my daughter crossed the border.
The border officer asked her,
"Where are you from?"


"Pardon Me?"


"Could you please speak clearer,"

And she blurted out,
"Can't you smell me?"

Of course she was referring to the fact that she lived out in the
farming community of Chilliwack, which evidently is known
for it's all surround smells at different seasons in the year.
The officer smiled and waved her on.

So imagine travelling with her for one week.
Our journey will begin....
See you next week.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day!

Today is Canada's 143rd birthday.
Friends, communities and families come together
from coast to coast and proudly celebrate all we have in common.
It's an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments.
It's an opportunity to celebrate our heritage.

It's just one year ago when my brothers each grabbed the pole
and slowly hoisted our flag pole into the air.

Straight and tall.
One could sense the feeling of patriotism.

He, then called the family and friends together,
and we joined our hearts in harmony as we all sang...
O Canada!

We have enjoyed the waving and clapping of our flag.
This year I added a rim of red petunias for an extra effect.

Each morning I wake up and peer out the window,
and check the direction of the wind.
Yes, it's been repaired three times already.

But today, I'm not partying with my friends at home.
This week I'm celebrating with my daughter in CA.
So we proudly share our loyalties with our neighbors,
who are also preparing to celebrate
July 4, Independence Day!

We are happy to be Canadians.
We want to embrace the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

Today I'm sending each of you a true Canadian Buffalo Cookie.
You know where you can find this recipe.