Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's a Hot House!

If you walked into our family room,
you'd soon realize that there is a heated competition.
Germany, England, Brazil!

The competition is heating up at this house....
Would you believe that we could not even watch
the Germany versus England game together?
But we know one is in and one is out!
Who will it be?

By the time most of you read this...
the results will be out.
Go Germany Go!!!!

And then the rivalry will begin with Brazil
Yes, we switch teams and someone will always cheer for the underdog.
That's the name of the game.
Who are you cheering for?

Twelve hours later......
The final score?
Germany 4 ~ England 1


  1. boo hoo my team lost! You know who won the England-Germany game already??? I'm just getting set to watch it. I think I'll keep me lips sealed on who I want to win!!

  2. I don't follow soccer--sorry, I'll leave now before I get booed out of the house.

    I loved your post on children learning to cook. So precious!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have to go with Brazil since we have family connections there. I'll come here to check the score though. . .I'm kind of glued to the G10 protest news .. .kind of lame..but I'm a news girl.

  5. Between the Olympics, the Epic Tennis match and World Cup it is a wonder anything is getting done on the planet. I mentioned to my daughter that world politics seem to be simmering down a bit; she said it was because no one wanted to leave their TV sets to go stir up trouble. that's a new perspective!

  6. I'm laughing at Jill's comment! It seems there are still plenty of protesters at the G-8 summit. They should just put all their energy into cheering on their favorite sports team...and there would be no time for protesting.

    I think you wore the right jersey!

  7. I'm a cheer for the underdog kind of gal too and have been known to switch loyalties in the middle of a game. LOL.

    I don't know why but I'm sorta kinda cheering for Portugal at this point. Are they still in it? LOL. I'm the only one who's watching and get complaints if I have every game on.

  8. I clicked on her because I recognized that flag...the first flag I learned to draw and color.
    It still has sentimental value to me.

  9. I don't follow soccer but I can get excited when others around me are..I would then pick the under dog:)

  10. What a hoot! I can just hear you all now. Such great cheerleaders you are as a family. I must admit I am out of the loop on this one, but have enjoyed hearing others talking about it. Kathy

  11. I was rooting for the USA ~ thought they looked real good out there. I loved it when my kids played soccer ~ fun sport to watch ! Did you root for the Celtics or the Lakers during the NBA playoffs ~ just wondering !

  12. I'm pulling for Brazil now that our team is out.

    But, the truth is that I just love watching.


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