Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonderful Women's Wednesday ~ Marathon Winners

It's truly been another week of Wonderful Women.
This past weekend we were in Vancouver
where several family members
ran in the pouring rain.....
Vancouver Marathon 2010!
Let me introduce to you our hero's for the day!

Suzanne ran the half marathon...
her first run ever
and came out smiling!
13.1 Miles
Congratulations also, to your friends that participated.

This young lady, Lora my DIL,
completed the full Marathon.
26.2 Miles
She also qualified for the Boston Marathon, April 18, 2011
just squeaking under her needing a 3.40 hours.
Enjoy reading about her adventure.
Suzie, her running friend, just finished the Boston Marathon.
Way to go girls.

It's always great to go and support them.
This time I decided to keep those little UM & UM's.

I've had the joy of watching them train, rain or shine.

Two year ago, I participated in my first 8km in Victoria, 2008.
Lora convinced me with this quote...

"Jump at every opportunity you get,
Because when you get older,
You may no longer have the chance to jump." Lora

I've kept my runner's number tucked in my backpack.
It's always a reminder...for me and the girls,
that we can do anything that we put our mind to.

"To accomplish something on your own...
is of some benefit.

To share your accomplishments with someone else...

is of true value."


  1. What a great thing to do! I admire people who have kept themselves fit and take those opportunities. I'm struggling to WALK 3-4 miles at a time. I hope to improve, and I'm not giving up!

  2. Way to go girls! And you are the best of cheerleaders, Marg. I'd want you on my team.

  3. Well done ladies!! It really is a great accomplishment...

  4. The quotes by Lora are wonderful and so true. You have amazing women around you Marg. . .they'll keep cheering you on ..just as you encourage those around you.
    What an accomplishment. . .wow.

  5. I so enjoyed having you at the finish carrying me when I no longer felt like I could move and your dedication to cheer us on too in the rain!
    So proud of all YOUR accomplishments and how you inspire us all to go on too.
    Good pics too!!!!!
    Wow, I thought I would have looked worse than that!:) haha.
    We were all beaming!!!!!!!! Could I get some of those pics??
    Thanks MOM!!!!!!!!!

  6. AnonymousMay 05, 2010

    How great it is for your girls to have their mother, MIL, routing for them and encouraging them! Marg, you are wonderful. I love your enthousiasm. Dairymary

  7. Very inspirational post! It almost makes me want to put on my running shoes! :)

  8. My DIL is a marathon runner and plans on doing the SLC Night of the Running Dead 5K Run... Creep... Crawl 2010.

    Does your area have a zombie run?

  9. You have almost convinced even me to run! Your family is blessed to have you as their cheerleader.

  10. that truly is a great accomplishment!!!

  11. Congratulations to those running gals!....and to their support team, keeping the Um & Um's safe and busy.
    Good for you, too, for running the Victoria in '08 - you're surely an inspiration and good example to the younger runners in your family.

  12. Congrats to your daughter and her friends..I can't even begin to imagine the training for such a run.
    Marg, I love that you were their cheerleader even in the rain:)
    Great quote from Lora.


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