Monday, May 17, 2010

This Bugs Me!

When you hire a window washer,
and he washes the windows, but not the sills.

Dough rising too quickly,
making a mess in my fridge.

Who hung these wet ones on my patio chair?
I thought those days were long gone....

In our last wind storm....
my neighbors tree took a beating...
I see it through my window every day.

Now I looked from my neighbors view...
and saw the same thing,
a crooked tree on my yard,
but it's been that way for 15 years.
I can't imagine what she's had to look at.
"It has to go..."
Three people told me that, this past weekend.

I'm leaving for a few days....
I wonder if it will still be there on my return???

What bugs you today?


  1. That window sill would bug me, too. What's bugging me these days is government in the U.S.A.

  2. Can I come with you?

    I'm smiling about the laundry hanging on your patio. I'm thinking you had company! For the record...I've never noticed your leaning don't let it bother you too much.

  3. I would be bugged by some of those things too. The laundry?..that one just makes me laugh!
    Have fun!

  4. OH Marg. . .such fun. . hopefully when you get back . .everything in your world will be sorted out ..straightened up . .dried out and washed off.
    Have fun.. . have a lot of fun.

  5. Someone out behind us cut a tree in half - chopping off one side and leaving a complete half standing. I've been getting upset with chopped trees - is it because there is a bylaw about cutting down trees? So people will just do a terrible pruning job? I think even Hydro is to blame for some of the eyesores. There, I've said my piece.

  6. I'm with Ellen...the US gov is bugging me.
    Several people have not replied to emails...I hate wondering if there was a glitch, or if they are just ignoring me, or ????

    Other than that I'm having a very nice day!

    (I guess I should add that my windows seriously need washing, but two more rainstorms are due this week. My car is muddy from the weekend, but again...with storms in the forecast, why wash it now?)

    Where are you going now???

  7. I think the leaning tree is just one of those things that we get so used to seeing that we don't notice it anymore. The underwear is a typical after effect of grandchildren. The getaway sounds heavenly! Have fun!

  8. Some of the warmest-welcoming homes are not the perfect ones.

    Have a great trip!

  9. Oh we can certainly make long lists!
    We can all empathize Marg!

    Sometimes, when "my list gets too long" I just open the front door and go for a good walk through our little village. The fresh air does me a lot of good!

    Take Care ~ Thanks for the smiles ... that happened when I saw the wet undies :o)

  10. The "wet one" made me laugh. Had a little person over lately?

    Where I live most of the trees lean. We are quite known for our wind.

    What's bugging me? Not being able to go see my daughter this weekend.

  11. Ohh Marg.. you had me smiling with your 'bugs me list' ....a crooked tree? Just prop it up .. or plant a tree beside it leaning in the opposite direction and people will think you are creatively artistic !! smile..

    What's bugging me today? MY COMPUTER screenfreezing!! but ha! got that one licked -- I have a laptop too!! smile...

  12. We have a tree leaning in the wooded area on the other side of the creek bed in our back yard. It makes me crazy, but it doesn't seem to bother my husband.

    I love the new look on your blog. So pretty!

  13. You have a beautiful house, Marg! The leaning tree is still alive so I wonderful if it can be forced to straighten up?


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