Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday's FAVE Five

It's time to celebrate our Friday's FAVE Five.
Thanks Susanne for hosting.
How many have you hosted so faithfully?
Eighty Six!

I enjoyed preparing my little boys for their Mom's Marathon.
Three family members participated in the pouring rain,
and all were successful at meeting their goals.

"Opa, my bike needs fixing."
So we took the tire...only to find out, it cost $40 to replace it.
Off we went to Bibles for Missions,and guess what we found?
A solid working bike for $13, with two excellent tires.

Now, why is that bike parked on my doorstep?
He wanted to make sure it would be safe all night,
and that he could see it. He was so proud.

Guess what else I found there...
Dishes from Bavaria...for only $30 a set.
They matched my German dishes I received from
my hubbies mother many years ago...
I love them.
I've never been the world's best bargain hunter,
but this was an exceptionally good day.

Today the sun is shining and the weather looks good.
Maybe it's time to work on those salads once again.
Hop over to MGCC and check out today's Opa's Yogurt Dip

A walk with a friend...
What an exquisite pink dogwood.
The Pacific Dogwood, (white in color)
was adopted as BC's floral emblem in 1956.
But I love the pink...they are beautiful.

There's my five highlights.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.



  1. I'm surprised the bike wasn't in the bedroom with him while he slept, so he could reach out and touch it if he woke in the night. Wow! You really did score with those dishes! Lucky girl!

  2. Oh...I love those Bavarian dishes. Great find!

    Marathons, walks in the rain...good food...found bargains...all is good.

  3. Great find at the Bibles for Missions marg. . I love the pictures today.

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Marg! How fun to get new dishes - unexpectedly!

  5. Great way to shop!! Yummy looking salad. I'll go check out Opa's yogurt.

  6. What an utterly gorgeous pink dogwood!

    And I am a dishaholic so I'm loving the pic of your china you found!

    I'm going to check out that dressing recipe. Love salads!

  7. Thats a nice bike you got for $13!

    The dishes are beautiful too. Sounds like a great week.

  8. What an amazing garage sale find!

  9. The dogwood tree is stunnning!

    Wow, he really did a number on that bike! Love that he brought it to Grandpa to fix. And what a great deal you got on both bike and dishes.

    Love the Go Mom shirts!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Way to go with your bargain shopping. Beautiful purchase!! Have a wonderful weekend Marg...

  11. Sounds like a great week and some great treasure hunting!

    That pink dogwood is so beautiful. Living in S. Florida, I miss those.

    Happy weekend.

  12. "Bibles for Missions" sounds like an interesting place!

    The dogwood tree is beautiful!

  13. Happy Mother's Day Marg!
    I've been so busy this week with Rachael's Wedding shower...
    so happy to have a few minutes to relax tonight... and enjoying the 'afterglow'

    Your thrift finds are wonderful!
    I love it when things come together that way and you find special items that are either needed {like the tires} or just WOW {like those dishes}!

    Have a fabulous week, Marg!


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