Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's FAVE Five ~ Products from the Island

One more busy week,
but a dream come true for me.
I've been dreaming of an Island built just for me.
Over the past winter,
I've been drawing and scheming with a consultant.
It happened this week.

Monday morning arrived...the long awaited day.
My kitchen space was empty...I used to have a make shift island.
It was bare to the tiles.
The trucks arrived.
The men arrived
At the end of the day,
I had my new Island.

So, I began to bake....
I needed to share some products from the Island.
It's rhubarb season, so I made my families favorite Rhubarb Pie.

The next day it was a batch of fresh cinnamon buns.
I knew my little boys were coming over, so I quickly
whipped up a new batch of Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies.'s Yummy!
By now...I'm impressed how well the dough rolls out.

Then I tried another Rhubarb Tart recipe,
for a house full of company.
It's so delicious....
Add a dollop of whipping cream.

My hubby added one more final product to the Island.
A bouquet of Calla lilies added the finishing touch.

Thanks Susanne for allowing me to share my highlights.
Check out how you can also share you FFF.
I always look forward to Friday's
especially after a busy week.
Hope you all enjoyed your week.


  1. Hello Marg! I love your new island. For some reason I'm only seeing the last two photos. What a great addition to your kitchen. The tart looks amazing!

  2. Your new island looks fantastic! Such a handy place to produce all that yummy food.....and for displaying calla lilies too.

  3. Oooohhh....WELL! It looks like you got right to work making GREAT use out of your new island! Enjoy!

  4. I think I may have to pull in on my drive by your place pick up some yummy things for my lunch. You have a wonderful work space! Kathy

  5. There is nothing like a new kitchen feature to rev up ones baking desires. Your new island is wonderful . . so many memories will be made there.

  6. Wow! That's a beautiful island! Or you going to vacation there this summer? :)

    Oh, I'm missing rhubarb this spring. Those goodies look delicious.

    Have a happy weekend!

  7. Woh... Marg, you've been been baking up a storm! I'd love a piece of that rhubarb tart.. but I guess I'm too late ... and too far.
    I can see your island is going to be put to good use!

  8. Wonderful Friday's Fave Five..and great products being made right there on the island..I'd love a taste of each one of those goodies.
    The calla lilies are gorgeous!

  9. You've been busy at your island! It looks will get much enjoyment from it. And the liles are beautiful.

    I was one of the lucky ones that got to sample the rhubarb tart...most yummy!

  10. At first, I wondered if you lived on PEI with Kathie, talking about the Island. But I knew you didn't!

    I love it - products from the Island! I've always wanted an Island, too. I wonder if it would inspire me to make treats, also?

  11. How beautiful and useful! Your family will really enjoy the island and the great food you are cooking. It was worth the wait, I would say. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love your island -- and you sure got busy! I'll bet your family is enjoying the island, too!

    Happy weekend.

  13. Am I allowed to covet my neighbor's island? Soooo nice. :v)

    And I'm drooling over all the baking made to break that lovely island in. Yum!

  14. I think you did more baking this week that I have in a couple of months!

    Your new island is great. Congratulations.

  15. That is a very special island!! And, my mouth is watering!! I must grab that rubarb recipe!!
    You are obviously going to enjoy your new island! What a happy week for you!!

  16. The island looks amazing, and the treats look yummy! How fun for you to have a nice place to do all your cooking.

  17. Congratulations to your daughter in law for the BQ! and to the others for running a half. That's a big challenge I haven't taken on. Hope your weekend is good!

  18. I’m so impressed that you got your island and that you’re such a fabulous cook. A great fave five!

  19. You are making me hungry!

    What a beautiful island. It fits nicely in your kitchen. Now your kitchen is truly the "heart" of the home...and people will gather around the island and sample your wonderful cooking!

  20. lovely place you r staying at...island kitchen,farmhouse,homebaked fresh products and so much affection amongst family members!life is a heaven...god bless you..your positive wibes transpires to teh readers also!

  21. Oh Marg! Cool island...but be sure to remember that there IS more to life than just cooking and cooking and cooking just because now you have such a fabulous place to work.

    Whoops...I forgot...MGCC: Mennonite Girls Cook Constantly!

  22. Congrats on the new in the kitchen will be much easier now! Thanks so much for the rhubarb recipes...I was just looking for something new to do with all of this fresh rhubarb...happy cooking!


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