Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At The Bridge

I've loved this quote by Robert Bateman. The other day when I went to Costco with a friend, we found the perfect centerpiece for her garden....a Bridge.

Every generation discovers anew the pleasures of a summer afternoon, a country road and a quick splash in a cooling stream.
A bridge like this one represents a piece of human heritage as valuable to me as a piece of nature.
This landscape reflects an earlier, more harmonious time when man worked more closely with nature. Robert Bateman

She quickly assembled the bridge with the help of her husband, added a few rocks and stones to make the most park like setting in the valley.

On any given day one can find a park like setting at her home.

As she toured me to her back yard, there they were....Cala Lilies. They are oh, so beautiful.

Her trimmed boxwood edge bordered her back yard against this freshly cut hay field, with the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains. I knew I better be on the run, because this gal would soon be driving a 10 ton truck, helping along with the rest of the crew as they would soon harvest.

Sure enough, just as we rounded the corner, there he was....I wasn't certain if he was calling her to come and drive tractor or truck, or whether he was waving at me. Anyways, my time is up, I better let her go.

This has been a beautiful week, and many farmers have been able to get there bumper crops harvested with out any rain.

This farming family still works harmoniously with nature. There yard is truly a masterpiece and a reflection of there love for nature.

Can any of you identify where this bridge is located or the name of the farm?


  1. I like that park...the paths and the bridge...and the view of the freshly mowed hayfields. It looks like a fine place for a picnic!

  2. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Costco sells bridges! Your friend's yard really is lovely. What bridge were we suppose to identify? Did I miss it?

  3. My favorite photo is the last one of haying farm roots run deep:)
    Identifying the bridge? Like Ellen said..did I miss something??

  4. I have to say that I have been admiring this woman's place for a while and now with the bridge, it is more beautiful than ever...if I am thinking of the right one. Is this one on Chwk Central??

  5. AnonymousMay 12, 2010

    The bridge is at V & M Goertzen's place.

  6. I want a bridge in my garden too.

  7. I don't know where that one is.. but we have Cosco's bridge (last year's model) in our back yard too.

  8. I so enjoy bridges.
    My dad had constructed one from wood and I made sure I walked across it with my wedding dress on.
    They make beautiful picture ops.

  9. What a beautiful yard in a stunning valley!

  10. PS: my current next door neighbor came by last night singing the praises of Costco's gardening supplies right now. B. and I have a "date" to go look and see this afternoon.

    If we go broke spending money there, I will totally blame you and Oliver for leading us into temptation.

  11. You already have fresh cut hay fields! Last week I saw someone cut their lawn the first time this season. That's a beautiful bridge in a lovely garden! Congrats on your island and the calla lilies! Beauty!

  12. What a beautiful place! It's fun to make our own bit of heaven in our gardens.


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