Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wonderful Women's Wednesday

A simple bouquet of flowers from a friends' garden
My mother used to grow these.
Are they called bleeding hearts?

When I looked around me this week, I am reminded
so often of the wonderful women in my life.
We do not need to be super heroes to be recognized.
We need to accept ourselves for who we are.
So here we are...back again.
Welcome to Wonderful Women's Wednesday!

How many of your are feeling like Martha's
after the Easter weekend?
Last week I brought your attention to Mary and Martha.
We debated back and forth,
"Who had the better part?"
John 10: 38-42

I received some wonderful comments
One in particular..
Karin from Yesterday, Today Forever.
has written a wonderful post in Defense for Martha.

When we look at the story of Lazarus, it obviously implies,
once again that Martha was the care giver.
As an older sibling, we can truly see that Martha
was an "in charge type of women."

Many of us have taken workshops on empathy.
What would it of looked like if the sisters were to practice empathy?
Do you think you could ever hear those sisters say?
Empathic Response: "I am sorry for keeping so much to myself.".(Mary).."and I was often too harsh with you, criticizing and demanding, while inwardly I was weeping." (Martha)
Mary prides herself with listening...Did she listen to Martha?
I can imagine Martha thinking...
"How can you waste so much time?"
Don't we all identify with Mary's and Martha's?

Then the two sister's called for Jesus help.
Can you imagine the sister's frustrations?
Martha is giving palliative care to her brother Lazarus.
Mary on the other hand, is in solitude, praying for God's will.
Empathetic Response: "That was a hard decision wasn't it Martha?
I knew you didn't want to be a bother by asking Jesus for help.
But it was too much for me to see Lazarus ebb away."
"I needed solitude to pray and seek God's will. "
Mary: "All that pain and we couldn't share it?
I am sorry for keeping so much to myself."

Finally Martha begins to get it....and responds,

"Mary, I'm good at sweeping the house clean
and getting rid of thing we no longer need.
But that's not enough."

Mary could of responded by saying,
"And now I see the importance of filling our home by sharing our gifts with others.
Spending time with Jesus and keeping to myself is not enough!"
WOW!!! It looks like they are starting to get it!

I have contemplated on this topic for the past two weeks.
Often we find ourselves in those exact positions,
whether it be at home, work, church or a family gathering.

Personally I have come to believe that the 'better part' is to acknowledge each others gifts.
Show sensitivity and respect to one another, rather than constant criticism.

The 'Better Part' could be referred to as,
"There is a proper time to listen to Jesus and proper time to work for him."
Both women needed to learn this principle.

What does the 'Better Part' mean for you?


  1. Amen to accepting ourselves for who we are. It's so comfortable to be around women who are comfortable with themselves! :0)
    It was good to read these thoughts on Mary and Martha...
    It was so good to see you face to face and to hear your wonderful laugh yesterday Marg!!

  2. Hi Marg...
    You have such wise words here...
    I also stopped over to Karin's and this quote from her post,
    " I’m a blend of Martha and Mary and perhaps this touches a raw nerve!" seems to resound with us.
    I will keep to heart your empathetic responses... and pray for my own responses {in Martha vs Mary moments} to reflect God's love.

    Blessings ♥
    ps. I stopped over to Lovella's blog and I just loved your Tulips Field Trip photos! What a fabulous day you had!

  3. I'm wondering if maybe it was Mary who was caring for Lazarus and now was sitting at the feet of Jesus...because she needed that and Martha was just busy with details that didn't matter at the moment. I don't know... I tend to be more of a Martha myself... so I always find this scenario a little mysterious and frustrating too.

  4. Marg, you have given us such rich words to think on here today and I do think that I come away with being sensitive to how each woman in my life is uniquely gifted. I want to appreciate how they are and I want to be accepted for how I am ..and I think that between the all of us. . we will meet each need that comes our way. Isn't that how the body of Christ works?

  5. I like that about accepting ourselves as we are..I have found that it comes easier with age:) I am more of a Martha but still have some Mary qualities too..we are all uniquely gifted!

  6. There are many wonderful women role models for us to emulate. Mary and Martha both loved Jesus and served him in different ways. Jesus also loved both of them. I guess we just need to remember not to judge others and to choose the best things at the right times.

  7. Great post, Marg.. I appreciate your thoughts and words.
    While, Jesus gently rebuked Martha when she came complaining to Him about Mary, I believe that had Mary come to Jesus complaining about Martha, Jesus would have gently rebuked HER.

    The 'best part' is fulfilling the special tasks God has uniquely gifted each one of us to do.

  8. Jesus was the One who said, "Martha, Martha,"you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her." HE saw both hearts and spoke Truth to them. Jesus is also saying to me that I need not spend a moment worrying and being upset about many things, but rather chose what Mary chose, to sit at His feet! In trying to defend Martha, I think I may be trying to defend myself.

    Thanks for your excellent, thought-provoking post!


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