Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's FAVE Five ~ LIFE

Thank you Susanne for allowing me to share my highlights.
This was a memorable week.
MGCC Girls made a road trip.
The MGCC girls edged cautiously across the border,
with passports filed orderly...

A Day Trip!
  • Who taking the pictures?
  • Who's in charge?
  • Follow the directions on the map!
  • (Why didn't she use the GPS?)
  • Carry your booties in a bag.
  • If one bends, we all bend.
  • Can you imagine 5 "take charge women" in one SUV?
Meeting a new Blogger Friend

We were all anticipating this day for awhile.
What does she look like?
Will she fit in?
Here she is:
Ellen B.
We were like a melting pot.
Sharing our stories of history and life.

A Field Trip through the Tulips!
La Conners

Then we all sploshed and splashed through the tulips,
some might of tip-toed..but we were wearing booties.


We found an antique shop that dated magazines
to the year, that our mother's gave us LIFE!
So we grabbed LIFE!
We paid for it.
Sometimes LIFE can be blurry.
Sometimes LIFE can be lost.
Both of us have not been able to locate our magazines!
I guess that's LIFE!!!!
I wonder who left them behind?

Sharing Friends, Old and New

"Take a million raindrops, break clouds apart;
Streams of golden sunlight create a magic art.
Blue sky is the canvas, look above and see____
God's covenant of love in heavens gallery!"
Ollie Robertson.

We Shared LIFE!

Have a wonderful week my friends.


  1. Marg. .I love your collages and your take on our time down to meet Ellen and to see the tulips. .
    OH. .you forgot the magazines. .did you call ..I can give you the number. They probably tucked them away.

    Thank you so much for the peek in the week .. .it was wonderful to be a part of it.

  2. Wait! You both forgot your magazines!! Oh it's so distracting to get together with 5 excited bloggers and their cameras. What a fun day. Looking forward to our next meeting :0)

  3. That's Life! I love it.

    As for the magazines...they will be in our hands soon. Hey...did I say you could tell on me?

  4. True confession #1. I stole that photo of me without even asking and posted it as my Facebook profile pic. Please forgive me...?

  5. What a fun time..thanks for sharing the photos..I was there in spirit:) Love the photo of meeting Ellen..

  6. What a great picture of Ellen!! Looks like you girls had such fun. Any 1957 life covers there??

  7. PS - love your new banner - the colours are quintessentially spring!

  8. Marg... Your post has so much energy! What great fun to share with friends! Have a great weekend

  9. Marg.. I enjoy your energetic perspective! I love your tulip collage! Oh.. and I hope you get your magazine back.. seeing it was not 25 cents any more.

  10. I'm almost jealous of you and your MGCC friends on the road trip. Our girlfriends are so important to us and we enjoy those moment immensly. Thanks for sharing your special moments with us. It reminds us of how special we all are.

  11. What a great week! I wanna meet ellen b too! Actually I would love to meet all the FFF crew. I so enjoy our weekly updates.

    I adore your photos of the tulips!

  12. What a great post!! It looked like SO much fun! I'm sitting here smiling.

    Thanks for sharing that joy with us. And have a happy weekend.

  13. AWESOME tulips! Just beautiful!

    I have not done Friday Fav Five in a while so I am getting round to lots of new blogs this week.

    Blessing for a great weekend!

  14. Looks like you had a great trip. I think girls' trips are the best! The tulips look so pretty. Have you ever seen the tulip farms in Holland? I thought they were amazing.

    How fun to meet a blogging friend!

  15. Looks like so much fun, Marg!

    Love the new design!

  16. Great header! Love that you ladies know how to have fun, and build friendships together.

    The word verification is crazed.

    Hmmm...crazy fun!

  17. You made me wish for the umpteenth time that I could have gone with you.
    I love that Robertson quote!

  18. I'm just SO envious that Ellen got to meet up with you all! Love that photo of her-- fits her exactly!

  19. Thanks for sharing that fun day! Although I've only met one of you, I 'recognized' your faces! Just imaging explaining that to our grandmothers.

  20. How absolutely fun! It looks like you all like to take pictures too. Move over!

    The tulip pictures are beautiful.

    Oh, and Ellen B is quite snazzy too.


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