Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's FAVE Five ~ Gardening

It's Friday and a chance to share my highlights.
I used to always say...."I would not ever garden again."
You see? When I was young I had to
hoe and Hoe and HOE!
Now, we have new gardening methods.

I don't think any of you will believe these vegetables
survived the winter. I had to pull them out as
the leaves were growing but the root systems were lifeless.

I love it! When I ask about raised vegetable beds,
my farmer thinks nothing more than his tractor.
The tractor is bigger than my bed...
but does a perfect job of moving the dirt.
That bed is perfectly level to German design.

What's in this greenhouse?
The sign says OPEN!
Do you want to wander over with me?

A quick stroll across the street serves me
my fresh vegetables, daily.
Fresh Greek Salad anyone?

The evenings are cool and long....
so this past week, you could find me on the couch,
cheering on the Phoenix Suns as they defeated
Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz.
They are in 3rd spot in the Western Conference
and will begin playing Portland with home court advantage.
Don't forget to cheer on the Suns, on Saturday, April 18th.

Oh and I don't want to forget to thank our host, Susanne,
who gives us the freedom to share our weekly highlights.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. That would be lovely to walk across the street for fresh veggies! Cool!

  2. My husband would love a tractor even though we only have 1/3 of an acre with no vegetation :0)
    Your raised bed looks great. Fresh veggies across the street!! How great is that. Have a wonderful weekend Marg...I'll be at a Sounders game on Saturday (Soccer)

  3. So is the new bed ready for planting? I love that kind of gardening.

    And I would like to be able to walk across the street for my fresh veggie fix at any time!

  4. I stop at that little place for fresh veggies now and again. We may just meet their one of these days. love your garden box. I'll be watching for signs of growth. Kathy

  5. I saw some really cool garden design plans at this site

    They used raised beds too. We've never had them but I would like to try them. I don't have a German husband though to build me one. He's Scottish and a bit impatient with a hammer :)

    But he'd love that tractor!!

  6. Raised vegetable beds are the way to go, in my humble opinion. I can't believe the growth you already have in your one bed. Wow! And how wonderful to have a greenhouse across the street that you can walk to and get fresh veggies from when you want some right away. Have a great week.

  7. I'm wanting to try raised bed gardening ...

    Those fresh vegetables look so lovely.

    I'd definitely like to visit that greenhouse ...

  8. Wow -- some beautiful pictures. Made me long for the rural life.

    Hope your next week is as lovely as this one.

  9. Yummmm, those fresh vegetables look delicious. It looks like you will be having some of your own soon.

  10. I'll look forward to watching your garden grow!

  11. there is nothing like our own produce. . but I still have no garden save my rhubarb. . .one of these years. . one of these years.

  12. I was “forced” to work in my family’s garden as a child and thought I would NEVER want to garden as an adult. But though I don’t do vegetable gardening, I absolutely love flower gardening, so that childhood work was good for me after all. Ha. Looks like you have quite a green thumb.

  13. How nice that fresh veggies are just across the street! They look wonderful and I love that windmill!

    I've been really thinking on a raised bed but our yard is so small with lots of shade, I don't know where I would put it.

  14. I too remember tedious hours of hoeing and hand pulling weeds in a huge well fertilized vegetable garden!
    I'm eager to see the finished beds... I know they'll be beautiful!
    Have a wonderful week-end... I'm enjoying tulips on my table! smile

  15. Wow that tractor! I'm not going to show it to The Professor. And anyway, we have no place to store it! I guess we'll have to be satisified with shovel, hoe and rake!

    How wonderful for you to be able to just walk across the street to get your fresh vegetables! I'd be your neighbor's best customer!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. Raised beds..that is what I need for my vegetable garden. Maybe I should show this post to hubby and get him enthused:)

  17. I wish I could have a garden like your Marg! I have to settle for flower pot gardening.

    I am also a basketball fan, but of course I root for NYC teams and the Denver Nuggets :-)

  18. Oh, to be able to buy fresh veggies like that each day, within walking distance ~ that would be my Fave Five also ! I haven't been following the NBA regularly this year ~ hoping that your Suns finish off the season strong! Take care.


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