Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday's FAVE Five ~ Garden of Beauty

Some weeks are slower than others.
It's been rainy outside...and so the gardening is waiting.

I can't wait till that sun appears again.
We'll all be making fast dashes to the garden shops.
Maybe we can make a competition out of it.

Today I'm sharing some photos that represent relationships.
Five special people inspired me this week.

You are my Sunshine!
You are a burst of energy.
Thanks for your sharing your heart with me.

We share life...
We care....about the same things.
Life can drive us crazy, but we know what to do...
Let's eat more hot dogs, pizza and Putine.

You have a way of peering into my life.
You gave me what I needed this week.
"Don't ask Why, but rather ask What?"

You are always just a heart beat away.
Thanks for bringing fresh beauty into my life.
There's nothing more rewarding, than a walk in life.

You know how to make me feel appreciated.
Always budding with new experiences and ideas.
You've touched my life this week.

If you want to join in and have some fun,
go ahead and share your highlights with us this week.
Jump over to Susanne's blog and catch up.
Thanks for graciously hosting this site, Susanne.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Oh, oh, oh! A feast for the eyes :-) I also love your background of dandelion against the sky.

  2. What a unique way to show your FFF! Beautiful flowers!

  3. I'm assuming all those pretty flowers are from your yard. This is a beautiful time of year and isn't it nice that we get to share it with people we love!
    Thanks for your words of encouragement on my blog. You are a good blogging friend!

  4. This is such a lovely FFF post! Have a wonderful weekend, I hope the sun appears again real soon!

  5. What a beautiful FFF. Love the creativity of it Marg! It's great to have flowers and people in our lives.

  6. Sweet pictures and words.
    We have six inches of snow at my house!

  7. Friends are the flowers in the garden of life! I like that quote. And if friends really were flowers...I'd pick you.

    How about a walk...sometime soon?

  8. That was a very unique way to share your 5! Lovely!

  9. You have wonderful and supportive people in your life. You're so very blessed. Beautiful flowers!

  10. Oh the pictures are beautiful as usual Marg. . what blessings we have in our friendships and family and so wonderful that you notice them throughout the week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I loved this post...your pictures were lovely....and I was touched by the way you have taken time to think of the people in your life and express it. We all have those that touch our lives, but so often don't stop to savor their influence. Kathy (MGCC)

  12. What beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Your pictures are just breathtaking. I can close my eyes and feel the warm sunshine on my face and smell their fragrance. Thank you for sharing their beauty.

  14. This is like a Hallmark card, Marg.
    Beautiful Photos!

  15. What lovely photos of beautiful flowers. And what a sweet, unique way to do an FFF!

  16. Wow -- those photos are simply beautiful! It was a joy to take in your post.

    What a blessing the people in our life are.

    Happy weekend.

  17. I love everyone of those beautiful flowers. Are they all from your own garden?

  18. Aww... Marg.. what gorgeous photos!! You too are a flower in many a person's garden...blessing them with your unique 'scent' of heart!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous images!

  20. Flowers of great beauty..thank you for sharing:)

  21. Beautifully and creatively done! What a blessing are our friends and especially those of the household of faith. Excellent shots of such fabulous blooms!


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