Monday, April 26, 2010

Country Bumpkins

It's been one busy the hospital.
More to come...but I need to share about my weekend.
What are weekends for?
I love nothing more than heading to the city to see my girls.

So we scheduled supper.
Then the next morning, there she was again...
She wanted Breakfast....

"Can you reserve an extra room?"

And the rest of the day?

"How about shopping?"
Before I knew it...
it was supper again.

Shopping, hot tubs, appetizers,
cheese plates, baguettes, & friends.
You name it,
we did it.

Many of our conversations over the past days,
were spent talking about the good old country days.
I was quite pleased to see that these
young professional women were so eager to share
there country experiences and memories,
from Eagle Sham right down to Bustin Road.

We ended our meal saying to each other...
with a strong feeling of connectedness and understanding.

"We can do anything we like,

and get away with anything in the city,
'We... ARE...Country'

So as we headed back to the hotel,
I wanted to make sure that parking tickets
were issued to the correct vehicles...
So I jumped out of the vehicle,
to mark down her license plate number.

And to my dismay,
I looked down to find an empty plate.
"Where is your license plate?"
She looked at me,
with those cute brown eyes,
as she timidly pulled out her license from under her car seat.
She smiled...I smiled and took in the license plate,
to register her vehicle.



I stood at the reception desk.
And when she asked for the license plate number,
I handed over the license plate...
and everyone smiled.

"You can take the girls out of the country,
but you can't take the country out of the girls.


  1. It looks like a great time spent with your daughters. I agree, you can't take the country out of the soul. (Even right down to having "supper"!) I am proud of my country roots and wouldn't trade a thing.

  2. Country is good! I love to visit the city...but when the visit is over...'take me home, country roads'.

    Sounds like you had a re-juvenating time in the city.

  3. Oh those fun and funny girls! Isn't shopping with one's daughter fantastic? City or country, mother-daughter times are cherished moments. Now you've got me missing my girl too!

    Hope the hospital time was for a minor concern....

  4. Oh I love country fun for sure! You girls are a hoot! Glad you had such good times together...

  5. Such a sweet post Marg! You all look like sisters having fun and not mother/daughters :-)

  6. So good to have time with just your girls - being who you are and appreciating the moments!

  7. Love that Cowichan sweater she's wearing! Thank God she's a country boy (girl)!

  8. That must have been a great weekend! I'm sure the license plate story will go down in family lore!
    I'm having a wild week here, with two volunteer recognition celebrations to organize and a quick zip to the valley and back again....loved your volunteer week post.

  9. I'm a country girl through and through... smile... your post made me smile.. I'm sure you had a 'memory week-end'. You can never have too many of those - mother and daughters!

  10. Wonderful ... so wonderful to have 'all girls time.' It's so much fun... so many laughs {till we're giggling}
    I'm glad you made such FUN memories Marg
    and smiles to keep *


  11. Oh Marg..that is so funny bringing in the license plate!!
    I am a country gal no matter where I live..


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