Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wonderful Women's Wednesday

Painter:Nathan Greene, 1961

Thank-you for joining us on another
Wonderful Women's Wednesday!
On Sunday we were with family members (male)
discussing and wondering why the women
did not receive higher recognition for their Gold
Hockey Achievement in the Olympics.
As you all know Crosby wins!!
It was interesting to hear the male section
agree that the women's hockey was outstanding..

Anyways we're on to bigger and better things.
Today I want to recognize two women from the Bible.

Mary & Martha!

These are two women who loved and dared.
They committed themselves to Jesus, truly following him.
They have inspired many of us...
in offering hospitality,
studying the scriptures,
loving God and neighborhoods.

As we all know..
Martha was regarded as a "homemaker type"
an in charge type of women,
concerned with household details.

Mary was often seen as a scholarly,
more spiritual,
maybe with a feminist personality.

This photo depicts Martha as someone
worried and distracted.
She resents Mary's behavior.
In the end, it looks like Jesus tells her,
that she has lost her focus...
She needs only one thing.....
She is to choose the 'Better Part"
to love God and her neighborhood,
and to be a disciple of Christ.....
I'm sensing some controversy right now!
Think about it...
Guests were coming for dinner, so Martha
presented the Martha Stewart way of life...
The sister not lifting a finger???
My blood pressure is rising...

Come to think of it, why didn't he
perform a miracle and feed the crowd,
that way Martha could of also sat at his feet?

What are your thoughts...?
We will be sticking to this topic for a few weeks.

Who do you represent?
Mary or Martha?
What does the 'Better Part' really mean?


  1. Oh yes I've grappled with this one from time to time fussing right along with Martha. I'm pretty sure I'm more a Martha then a Mary :0) but...God is the one who will put more of the Mary desire in my heart, I can't muster it up for myself. I'm happy to say that He does do that for me and I cherish those moments but most of the time I'm still a Martha :0)

  2. Oh boy - this is one with which I have always had trouble. No matter how it's explained, there's always a little piece of me that doesn't like Mary's actions and feels for Martha, who might very well yearn to sit at the Master's feet and learn......but she knows that everyone needs to be fed for physical sustenance and has taken responsibility for that.
    I look forward to reading the responses of others.

  3. I know I'm not much of a 'sitter'...much more of a 'fusser and doer' call me Martha. I'm with Pondside...a part of me always resents the Marys who sit when there is much to be done. Here's what I think...the 'Mary' in me needs to be given the opportunity to thrive. I can choose to set Martha aside more often...and sit at His feet.

  4. I want to be Mary . .but I`m a Martha and I suspect that is often the case with women that have a desire to extend hospitality . .but hey . .I am supposed to look at my own bend here. . its so much easier to see that I`m not alone.

  5. What would we eat without our Martha's? I notice that Jesus is not condemning her - He just told her that Mary has chosen the better part. I do wish this story had a bit more detail... because, as it is, I can understand Martha's complaint ... after all, she was complaining because she also wanted to sit at Jesus's feet.

  6. I have some beautiful music from a disk called "Women at the Well". It has a great song called "Foolish or Wise", about Mary and Martha. If you would like a copy, send me a mailing address. (I think you would enjoy it!)

  7. I've wonder what exactly Martha was doing while her "guest" was in the house. I've been a guest where I more interested in visiting with my friend than having a perfect meal, and my friend had the opposite plan. I'd rather have fellowship than food!

    The "fussing about" Martha part of me really is never about my guests, it is always about me wanting to be acknowledged or at the very least, not being criticized. And yeah, I have rolled my eyes at a few overly laid back hostesses too...maybe if I was freer with giving grace I would be freer to be more like Mary?

  8. Hi Marg! Awesome topic!
    and I can "hear you" in your writing!
    *love it*
    Wait, I'm going to get my coffee, since we're all sitting here at "Bible Study with Marg."
    *I would love this too*
    anyway... I read everyone's comments here, I can fully agree with everyone, but I think the one I feel most like is Jill from Thoughts on Life and Millinery.

    Growing up Italian, a family gathering was ABOUT the cooking and eating...
    When I visited Chris' family for the first time {German and Dutch} it was a different experience. Barbara, his mom, had prepared a feast the day before. {I didn't know this...} At dinner time, she was still visiting with us... not getting up to prepare & cook. Around 5ish she got up for 5 minutes and came back in the living room to continue visiting. I thought I was going to starve... but around 5:30 incredible aromas wafted through the house. At 6:00 dinner was served. We went into the kitchen 5 minutes before to add some toppings to the salad.
    I had never experienced anything like this before... It was so relaxing...
    I know she worked hard the day before, but the day of the visit was beautifully calm.

    There's a time for everything, I guess with regard to Jesus visiting the sisters...
    ...when Heaven comes to Earth, no one should be left in the kitchen. When people are good and hungry, out come the loaves and fish!
    Oh what a great post, Marg!
    ~A Glorious Easter Sunday to you and your family...and may the Glory continue always~
    ps. so glad you're having fun with the mini books. I sent one to my niece to say thank you for her girlscout cookies. I made the one with pockets and tucked little notes in them {with words that completed the sentence on the page}

  9. Came here via MGCC! Love this post and all the interesting comments! I grappled with this story as well and had my own post on it quite a while ago. It's too long to put into your comments but if anyone is interested to read it, here's the link

  10. Marg, this is a great post. I enjoyed reading it and everyone's comments.

    I try really hard to have a balance. I love entertaining, but I even more I love enjoying my guests. I try to be prepared, and allow myself time for fellowship. I thrive on all I can learn.

    My mother was always a Martha, and I observed all she was missing.

  11. I too have read the various best 'treat' is to sit and visit with my guests, knowing that the smells coming from the kitchen is my dinner cooking, and with my husband's help, the table has been set, the water chilling..I have a friend who is forever 'fussing'in the kitchen, from arrival to departure, rinsing the dishes, filling the washer, etc.which makes for a rather unpleasant visit!So I try to either simplify my meal or at least have it prepared ahead of time.... and I do the cleanup when my guests are gone. Too bad I havent learned to do that many years ago~!


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