Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wonderful Women's Wednesday

Good Morning!

This is a take from the Olympics.
On Wednesday, February 24th,
the Canadian Women swept the medals away...
I believe it was Brian Williams our CTV host,
who he referred to them as:

"Wonderful Women's Wednesday"

Since then my heart/mind has been pondering about this..
I would love to launch a new theme here for Wednesdays.

There are many wonderful women who have shared life
with me at great depths,
whether they be authors, musicians, friends, educators, pastors,
Biblical characters, mentors, athletes...on and on we go.
I thought that perhaps we could begin to
identify some of these Women in our lives.

I would love for you to partake with me,
share your thoughts and experiences of Women
who have made a difference in your life.
We all have a way of learning so much from each other,
and this will be a place for you to share your thoughts.

"This is My MOM!"
(She passed away in 2000)

A while back, when I was working on my photo albums,
and this shot caught my attention.

I shouted, "This is MY MOM!"

These were the days when she had health.
She gave so much life to me.
Here you can see her in my old farm kitchen....
baking pie by the pie, of course.
She had a heart for hospitality,
compassion for others,
and an ear for listening.

Tell me one thing that you love about your mom.

Please come back next Wednesday...
and let's see who's next.


  1. I see a new midweek theme here...and I like it.

    My mom? She also passed away in year 2000. I'm left with many memories...but one that makes me smile is how she adored my dad. She loved to listen to his endless stories...and was always at his beck and call. Helen...a wonderful woman she was!

  2. I love that picture of your Mom! It immediately brought back memeories of seeing her something like that. She was a a wonderful woman! ... and I think she and my mom could have been good friends.

  3. Judy, I so enjoy reading your blog. I come from a mennonite family and am the youngest of seven. My mother unfortunately never wanted me, and made it quite clear. I grew up constantly craving for her love and attention. Since having married the love of my life (I've been married over 25 years) and have had 4 children I've realized she did love me in her own way but didn't know how to show it. I've since appreciated her more and more. She also passed away in 2000 and I long for the day I can tell her I was happy to have been her daughter. God can soften our hearts if we allow him to. Thank you for sharing your mother with us.

  4. This is a great idea Marg! What a fun photo of your mom. My mother Nadia is still alive. She will be 86 on April 8th. My mother is a true servant. We always had a home cooked meal. Breakfast every morning, sack lunches for school everyday and a hot dinner every night. Sunday lunch was always prepared in abundance so we could invite people over after church...

  5. My mom was such a warm, loving woman. She always encouraged us to include everyone and to be friendly. Her home was a gathering place- hence the name of my blog. It's hard to lose them, isn't it?

  6. Oh I like the weekly theme. . how wonderful. I remember your mom like this too. . and always how she was a gentle soul. She often reminded me of my own mom ..
    Let's see .what I liked about my mom was that she always taught 2 year old children sunday school for 30 some years. . and loved each child and kept track of them as they grew up .. she rejoiced with each wedding clip in the paper . .and believed every two year old could learn about Jesus.

  7. What a sweet picture of your mom - my mom's name was Leona - she was the most encouraging person I've ever known. She was my best cheerleader. She passed away in 1991 and I still miss her.

  8. Hi Marg, what a neat tribute to Moms. Mine passed away New Years Eve 2005. One thing I liked was that whenever I just dropped in for lunch unexpected, there was enough soup in the pot to share (often with little meatballs in it). And, she was devoted to Dad, who needed her help the last while, so she exercised to keep strong for him. Dairymary

  9. My mom! She passed away in 1994 and I still miss her. I loved how she loved her children and grandchildren unconditionally!

  10. What a lovely idea, Marg. I'll be back to see what you have next Wednesday.
    The photo of your mum made me smile because it could be a picture of my mum, who is a feisty 83. She is pie baker too, and whenever her church has a silent auction she gives 'a day's pie baking' as her contribution.
    One think I like about my mum is her delight in making new friends.

  11. My mom will be 83 come June, the month that she was named after. She taught sixth grade Sunday school with my dad for 20 years, has a social calendar totally filled with lunch dates with friend from childhood, high school, college and Bible study classes worked in between her volunteer duties as tutor and a librarian assistant at a private library.

    She always believes the best about people, to the degree that I wonder if she would have a kind insight for even the worst degenerate. All this while being totally modest and humble even though she was so beautiful as a co-ed that the actor Gregory Peck selected her to be a magazine cover girl during WWII. 63 years of marriage and my dad still considers himself lucky to have her as his wife.


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