Monday, March 15, 2010

Unbelievable Shock Waves!

Yes, I've taken a zip line to another continent.
but, I'm Home Again..

Totally out of the blue, our friends called and
invited us to join them for a week in Oahu.
My husband was totally shocked that I responded,
so quickly, on such little notice.

Meanwhile, I knew that Judy from My Front Porch,
was on the Big Island of Hawaii for a few weeks.

My mind started working over time,
strategically making my moves to surprise her.
Or you might say, shock her!!!

Meanwhile at home...hardly anyone new that
I was leaving...except for two strategic people,
who I needed to help carry out this plan.

They cooperated and it worked.

The day started early!
Tuesday, March 9th.
6:00 am. Screaming alarm clocks.
7:15 am. Pick-up at our condo.
Honolulu traffic is at a standstill.
"Oh no, will we miss our flight?"
We have deadlines to meet.
Discover HOV lane...hoping it exits for the airport.
Right decision.
We met our 9:15 departure deadline at the airport.
9:50 Arrival time in Kona.

Shuffled about to find our rental car.
Destination to Waikola Village,
where JB, shocked all of us.

He scheduled a 2 hour narrated helicopter tour, with
Hawaii's premier helicopter tour company.
"Blue Hawaiian Helicopters"
Flight departure 12:30pm

Meanwhile, I had no intentions of joining this heli-tour.
I objected...but was told I had no choice.
Seat selection was made and I became the co-pilot.

It was on his bucket list, not mine!
I knew I had to be a sport...I really do not like heights.
I had no choice!
I knew his game plan....and I had to play along.

My first question to the pilot was
"Why is that string attached to the aerial?"

"Madame, this is the cheapest and yet most reliable tool
gauging the direction of the wind."

The helicopter tour was beyond belief.
(I'll describe that at a later date.)
But, meanwhile I was hoping that my accomplice
was standing by.......and keeping time.

We landed exactly at 2:30 pm, and there he was, disguised.

We followed him for the next 45 minutes which seemed the
longest day of my life.....

3:15 pm Knock! Knock!

Shocked beyond Belief!

"Marg, what on earth are you doing here?"

Imagine the chattering and jabbering the next few minutes.

We all joined together to dine out for supper.
I could not even tell you where we went to eat.
Judy was in shock as we tried to outline the preliminary steps,
over the past weeks, of how this event evolved.
Great supper with Great friends.
Oh, I can't forget to thank my partners in crime!!!

5:30 pm..departure flight from Kona.
Drop of the car, catch the shuttle to the airport and no men.
"Where on earth are they?"

Yea for us we declared ourselves,
"the winners of the Amazing Race!"

A wonderful day, with unbelievable surprises and memories.
A perfect sunset to end a perfect day.

Who says we can't have fun at our age?


  1. What a wonderful get away! I can't think of a more beautiful place and how fun to be there with good friends. The helicopter ride sounds fabulous!

  2. I love, love that surprised look on Judy's face!! What fun..
    Oh wow the helicopter ride..looks like fun and terrifying all at the same time.

  3. The look on Judy's face? Priceless!

    I love helicopters! Having logged hundreds of hours in both, I prefer them to planes any day.

  4. How fun is that!! For all of you.

    I love these Kona shots - my daughter will be there in 3 weeks for a YWAM film course.

  5. Good job having that camera ready to record Judy's surprise. Priceless! I like your style and adventurous spirit girl!

  6. I love the surprised look on Judy's face. In fact,I don't think you'd want to surprise her more than that... it may not be good for her. So good you could have a quick get-a-way! The helicopter ride sounds like fun! I can't believe you of all people don't like heights!

  7. Oh Marg . ..I just laughed. .what a hoot. The look on Judy's face was worth it all I'm sure. . .I'm glad you had such a great time. I'll always wonder now if you'll show up on my holiday .. never say never.. .right?

  8. What a hoot! You guys really know how to do it right. Love Judy's face! Your friendship just added to it one more fun event that you will laugh about in the coming years. Trust you! Kathy (MGCC)

  9. Oh really had me! It took me a few seconds to get a grip...and try to figure out how and why you were standing on my doorstep in Hawaii...when I thought you were holding down the fort at home. What fun! That will be an occasion I won't forget any time soon.

  10. You guys are so cool! When I grow up I hope I take life by the horns like you do. Right, I know. I'm already grown up. Just not quite enough to jump on planes and get out of dodge at a moments notice:)

  11. Wow, talk about spontaneous! I'm impressed that you had your camera at the ready to snap that pic of Judy. Totally priceless!


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