Monday, March 29, 2010


Help! My Tulips are Leaning.

I wonder what that means.
I just sat down for a few minutes and noticed them.
They describe how I feel right now.

I've had a busy weekend getting ready
once again, for a family birthday party.
Papa celebrated 98 years.
And the house was full.

Tonight I'm tired....
and I will be leaning toward bed.
Tomorrow, I will be leaning toward clean up...
And hopefully find some time to play with the new templates.

I wonder what direction they will lean tomorrow.
I love my Leaning Tulips.


  1. Tulips lean because their stems never stop growing, even when they're cut - it's easier to notice when you have a mixed bouquet.

  2. Whew! 98 years! How great is that. I've got to get me some tulips so I can watch them lean. Hope you have a good recuperating day!

  3. Wow...I wish you could see that green background on my computer screen this morning. I'm wide awake now! How tired is the 98 year old feeling after all that celebrating? Hopefully not as tired as you?

    Tulips and zinnias both seem determined to re-arrange themselves in a vase.

  4. I just read on another blog about a way to keep tulips standing straight - you take a pin and poke a hole right through each stem, about 1 cm below the flower. I haven't tried it myself, but the blogger's tulips were still standing straight after 4 days! I hope you have time to put up your feet today and rest.

  5. Your leaning tulips still look beautiful - but I can imagine that is how you must be feeling after the big party.
    Now I will have to try that trick with the pin sometime ...

  6. I can sympathize with the leaning feeling. I had a busy weekend too and a busy week coming up.

    My last bunch of tulips were doing more of a flop rather than a lean. They were out of water. I thought maybe they had given up the ghost but I watered and they straightened up again. Too bad I hadn't documented it for the blog :)


  7. Put a penny in your jug and you'll be good to go . .as to your own leaning right now. . I prescribe a nap.

    Tulips also need to be trimmed everyday because as someone already said. .they continue to grow.

  8. Hi Marg... I see others have recommended a trim... I didn't know about the penny trick though!

    Yes, some days, we do lean... and that's okay~ and a nap is the best RX.

    If I've had a bad night's sleep, I'll take 5 mins at my desk at school {during lunch of course :o)
    it makes a huge difference.

    An hour is the best, or is it 90 minutes for the full sleep cycle ?

    R*E*S*T is B*E*S*T


  9. I was going to suggest you use your lucky copper penny in your vase...and your tulips would stand straight as an arrow...but I see Lovella knew that trick. I rather like how tulips keep growing...a new look every day!

    As for you, my have permission to lean!

  10. Lovely new template! The tulips are leaning because the vase is too short or the stems are too long. If there a life lesson there? Congrats to the birthday man!

  11. I love your new heading. It is always nice when it has a good memory associated with it.

  12. Comparing yourself to those tulips is quite cute!

    That is amazing--to live 98 years. Happy Birthday to Him! I have a lovely great-aunt who is about 97. She's coming over for Easter and making cranberry jello salad.

    Thanks for checking in on my blog. My oldest son went to live in Las Vegas(!)

    He has some friends who recently moved there...all young men. I'm not sure if he can sustain himself...but I'm hoping he learns some good things through the experience. (It gives us a break, as things are difficult with him here.)

  13. I've learned two new things today by visiting your blog: tulips continue to grow after being cut, and a penny in the vase helps them to stand straight.

    Blogging is educational! :)

    Seriously, I love the pics of your leaning tulips. I often have days where I feel the same way ...

  14. I hope that by now you are leaning back in a chair, teacup in hand, gazing at your tulips or a good book. Family parties are so much fun, but they can take it out of us! This Sunday will be first time that our whole family has not been together - the celebration will feel a little different.

  15. Beautiful tulips !! I've heard the pin treatment that Elsie noted - but I also found this tip.. haven't tried it yet...

    " For Those Who Prefer the ‘Tighten Up’ – some people want only straight stems. To re-straighten tulip stems, simply remove the flowers from the vase, re-trim the stem tips then roll the tulips in newspaper with the paper extending above the flower tops but not covering the lower third of the stems. Place the wrapped bunch upright in a container holding cool water deep enough to submerge the exposed stems. Leave in a cool place for an hour or two. This will recall the dancing tulips to their duty: stems straight, shoulders back, heads up."

    For your own leaning this trick might be better than sticking yourself with a pin or swollowing a penny - smile


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