Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Really All Over

Welcome to the Paralympics in Whistler!
The atmosphere in Whistler was:

It was unbelievable to sit in the stands and watch these
incredible, strong-spirited athletes perform in front of our eyes.

We arrived at the Whistler Alpine Ski Venue,
to find ourselves amidst some famous fans.

We mixed and mingled....
Cheered on our Golden Girl, Lauren Woolstencroft.

Then we mingled with the Josh Dueck crowd,
cheering for him...
who received a Silver Medal in the Men's Slalom.

Do you recognize these smiling celebrities?

This was not an unusual scene in the village of Whistler.

Monument for Nodar Kumaritashvili,
who died in practice on the opening day of the Olympics.
This will remain in our hearts forever.

On Sunday we squeezed our way into the crowds,
to see the athletes parade in front of us.

The parade started and of course we cheered our RCMP
who wore their distinctive ceremonial uniforms.

Carrying the flag and leading the parade,
here she is...LAUREN Woolstencroft!
Five Golden Medals.

All of a sudden in the corner of my eye,
there he was...our Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Harper.





Great Britain!






The Torch is lit!
This was one moving experience.

And now the official flag will be handed over to Sochi,
Russia who will host the Winter Games in 2014!
(photo downloaded from the internet)

The Paralympics may be finished,
but the memories, the stories, this is what
speaks to the human heart.
They speak strength!

(I will share the grand kids version later)


  1. You have been blessed twice with the Olympics! What a great experience for you to be able to be a part of it. We once hosted three special Olympic boys in our house. It wasn't for a world competition, but it was really fun for our family.

  2. What an experience. I would have been so emotional too. I love that you could get so up close and personal with the athletes marching in the parade. I would have loved that experience for sure. Thanks for sharing it with us. I am so happy you did.

  3. Marg, what a tremendous experience to visit the paralympic games in Whistler with your family. I can't imagine how exciting it must have been to sit with the families as their children competed. . .how wonderful.
    I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

  4. How wonderful and great that you could participate as spectators in these games, too. Love the crowds and the smiles!

  5. I was thinking of you on the weekend...being right there in Whistler...and knew you would have incredible stories to share. So glad you could take in the experience in person.

  6. Wow! Just seeing people from around the world...celebrating life and accomplishments. Hard work, dedication. commitment, all coming together. I just stopped as I saw each country you highlighted and the thought of how we as believers from around the world will one day come together. After a life time of commitment to Christ....parading through the streets of heaven.
    I'm so glad you as a family could celebrate. look forward to seeing more in the days to come.

  7. I like what Kathy said, and thought how encouraging it must have been for these athletes! They have all worked hard and overcome many challenges ... and then to come together - and see they are not alone ...

  8. Looks like an absolutely wonderful time! Very cool that you were able to be there for the paralympic games.

  9. I had no idea that another torch was lit! Cool! And the UK's Union Jack on the wheel chair wheels was fabulous! Thank you for sharing what you saw with me. I'm feeling the Olympic Spirit even here at my desktop!

  10. I love how you love life and how you embrace it with your entire heart and soul. A young man from NH was on the US Hockey team ~ Congrats to all !!

  11. Thankyou , Marg for sharing your experience! I'm so happy you had the opportunity of a lifetime, you captured it so well.

    I love how the British athletes covered their chair wheels with the flag! such a creative idea.


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