Monday, March 1, 2010


I have turned off my play take some time
for all of you to reflect and enjoy the beautiful music of
Nikki Yanofsky, singing the lyrics to, I Believe,
This song was written by Stephan Moccio,
solely for the purpose of the Olympics.
As they interviewed Stephan this morning on CTV,
he was overcome with emotion...
never thinking that his song would be chosen.
He said, that he locked himself in a cellar for one year...

He then proceeded to sit down in the CTV studio and play this
song on a grand piano in front of all the Gold Canadian Medalists..
There was not a dry tear in the studio.

Our day started early....preparing festivities.

We all wore our red mittens as we cheered on our
Canadian Hockey Team through a nail biting victory.

We kept in shape...every time a goal was scored,
the women folk carried the flag as we jogged
around the kitchen island, cheering loudly.

Proudly we stood to sing our national anthem
with the rest of the Canadians....
"O Canada"

You all know the results....of that historical moment in life.
The winning goal by Crosby!

Closing Celebrations were to follow within an hour.
Another house full of family and friends.

To be honest with you...
The closing ceremonies disappointed me...
(the latter half)
They lost the pomp and circumstance....which was highly
recognized and reflected in the Opening ceremonies...

I've decided to put my legs up for a rest....
I feel like I've run a marathon and now need to catch up on some projects.

I will be back,
but meanwhile please enjoy my version of a closing ceremony.

There's sort of an ache in my heart...
knowing it's all over,
knowing Canada did it's best!

"I Believe"
This truly reflects my heart.


  1. What a fun party! I love the shoe collection! If U.S.A. couldn't win the hockey game, I'm glad Canada did.
    It is kind of sad to know everything is over, isn't it?

  2. Well that was a fantastic game ..for us.
    It looks like you had a fitting way to end your Olympic fun and what a great way to close it off.
    I slept fantastic last night. .how about you?

  3. I just love how your whole family gets into it and how much fun you have. I had to invite friends over to watch the game with me. LOL. It was awesome. Not just 'cause we won, although that is fantastic but because of how great a game it was and because of Crosby getting the winning goal.

    I'm sorta sad it's all over although my family is more than happy to get the tv back.

  4. Sort of feel like a great party has ended, and it is all back to work and regular life. I've never felt that way at the end of any other winter Olympics.

    I was SO relieved that the flame extinguishing went well though. Whew!

    Thanks Canada for all the fun and all the cool medals too. Now how long until the Russian games begin?

  5. What a fun party Marg..I belted out 'Oh Canada' whenever, not just when a goal was scored..grin

  6. Thanks for sharing your Olympic experience with us over the past 2 weeks. It is fun to see it through the eye and thoughts of others. Looks like you ended well with family and friends. I have never thought of running around my island, but I just may have to start....before and after dinner! The last game was sure a nail biter, but our team came through! It has been a fun filled and exciting 2 weeks.

  7. Congratulations to you and Vancouver B.C. for a wonderful winter Olympics and great results for the Canadians in the medal counts. Congratulations on that Hockey Gold medal, too. I'm glad the U.S. made it and exciting game in the end :0)

  8. Hi Marg ~ I listened to the song... all the way through... what a GREAT song!
    Marg, what a great post you wrote... I can see and almost feel the spirit in your home...

    I love the picture of all the shoes! Such a familiar sight!

    With so much going on in the world around us, Canada did such a sweet job in hosting the Olympics. There was a peace and gentleness and beauty that all the world needed to see and feel...
    I miss it tonight ♥ Thank you for this post today ~ Maria

  9. Thanks for sharing all about the Olympics with us. I vicariously lived your experiences and felt I was there.

    Love the shot taken of all the shoes at the door!

  10. We rejoiced here when we heard the next day - about the game! Just popping in to say Hi... Hope you are doing okay in your olympic withdrawal.

  11. Grrr...sooo disappointed. We lost our power on Thursday, Feb. 25 and it didn't return until Sunday and I missed lots of Olympics! Congrats to Canada for hosting a wonderful Olympics and for winning the hockey game. Thanks for a great post. Take care.


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